It is hard to capture a quick action on your iPhone as the fast-moving subject will be blurry and challengeable. However, the burst mode on your iPhone is able to help you to shoot stunning photos with quick succession so that it has the ability to capture fast-moving action. There is no doubt that using burst mode to take photos on the iPhone is a good idea to capture series of movements or unexpected scenes, which ensures that you can end up with an amazing picture as you want. In this article, you will find the way of how to take burst photos on iPhone 11.

Part 1: What is the burst mode

A series of photos in quick succession in burst photos always are the fast-moving action. Burst mode is widely used in shooting subjects in fast movement, such as sports, people or pets. And if a specific movement is needed to be taken, you don’t need to shoot the photos at the right time. Burst mode seems to be a mode for video, but in fact, it is different from the video. It aims at creating a series of sharp and discrete photos. If you want to have a better understanding of burst mode, it is a good idea to know about how burst mode works.

Basically, the subject in the light can be recorded in camera. Take the sensor as an example, what can get sensor blocked usually is a shutter. Once the photo is being taken, the shutter will open and close. The time of shutter keeping open depends on the aperture. If the sensor has more light on it, the image will be clearer generally. With the help of lenses, all the light going into the camera will focus on the specific point of the sensor, if the subjects being taken move, the light will be smeared around the sensor and thus leads to blur. Therefore, for the moving subjects, a balance is needed between gaining the maximum light intensity and the quick speed of shutter so that it won’t cause blur. That is the working principle of burst mode. Based on the wide aperture and fast speed of shutter, then a great number of action photos can be shot. The purpose of using burst mode is to snap a series of sharp photos under enough light in a quick succession.

what is burst mode

Part 2: How to use burst mode for amazing photos

Burst mode belongs to a setting of iPhone camera, which allows you to shoot 10 photos each second. This is a great way to help you maximize the chances of shooting the action photos in the perfect pose. How to use iPhone burst mode to take photos of moving subjects. This is very simple, let’s go ahead to have a look.

Run the internal Camera app on your iPhone. For iPhone XS, XR or previous version, get the shutter button held down to snap under the burst mode. After that, photo will be kept taking with the camera till the shutter button is released. For iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, you need to get the shutter button swiped to left side.

But you should note that the Deep Fusion pictures cannot be taken when your camera is set under burst mode on iPhone 11. Deep Fusion is a feature which gets the better texture and details captured under medium or low light automatically.


After the photos have been finished capturing, the burst photos can be viewed and then you can choose the pictures that you want to save. Once the Photos app has been launched, search for a group of burst photos that you would like to view. Photos taken under burst mode will show up in your iPhone’s main library and the special burst photo album. Then hit on the thumbnail of burst photos that you would like to open. Afterward, tap on Select and then swipe over the photos and choose photos that you would like to keep. You can hit on the small circle from the right corner bottom of the pictures to choose the photos for saving. At last, tap on Done when the photos that you want to save have been selected. Then tap on Keep Only Favorites to save the pictures that you have just chosen. And other photos will be deleted. From then on, the photos that you need to keep will pop up in the photo library where the photos can be opened and photos editing can be done as normal.

Keep Only Favorites

Part 3: How to recover deleted burst mode photos

To tell the truth, since we know how to use burst mode to take fast moving photos in the exactly right time. We may mostly make all the precious burst mode photos kept on our iPhone for memories. But have you ever though that how if all these precious photos disappear suddenly due to the software error or the accidental damage? Don’t worry, here we will teach you how to recover deleted burst mode photos in a simple and effective way. To retrieve your deleted burst mode photos with lossless quality, it is highly recommended to use a great third-party tool Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a multi-functional data recovery software which helps you to recover various kinds of photos from your iOS devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. All the data recovery can be done in batch so that the data recovery can be completed in a fast way. This handy data recovery tool supports multiple kinds of data to recover easily. Besides, it is a great backup tool for iOS devices so that the data can be protected from losing, for instance, it helps people to backup iPhone notes with ease.

Below we will show you a specific introduction of how to recover deleted burst mode photos from your iPhone. There are 3 different modes for users to recover their photos on iPhone, and we will take the second one (Recover from iTunes Backup) for example:

Step 1: Select Recover from iTunes

Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery and choose Recover from iTunes Backup.

Select Recover from iTunes

Step 2: Scan iPhone Backup

Select the iPhone backup and click Scan at the right bottom.

Scan iPhone Backup

Step 3: Select Photos to Recover

Check Camera Roll and select the photos you need. Then click Recover in yellow button.

Select Photos to Recover

Step 4: Choose Target Folder

Click Open in the pop-up dialog to choose a target folder on your computer. Then click Go to start recovering photos from iPhone backup.

Choose Target Folder