People often come up with the data transfer problems of iPhone. They want to transfer media files like music, photos and so on to iPhone for an enjoyment on the go, or transfer these media files back to computer for a backup; sometimes they also want to transfer files from iPhone to other smartphones or tablets for different uses; or just want to sync files to their Mac computers. Of course iTunes is a good choice, but you also other options.
Backup iPhone is always a hot topic among users. When people want to backup iPhone, they can finish the task with iTunes. If they want to back up iPhone music, videos or other files, they may want to find other methods. Also, the contents in iTunes backup aren't viewable on computer, therefore, many iPhone users want to transfer files from iPhone to viewable files. Besides iTunes, iPhone users have multiple ways to back up their iPhone, the post about Backup iPhone will introduce you in detail.
Even if you're not a die-hard fan of music, you will still want to keep several songs in your iPhone so that you can have an enjoyment on the go. the music transfer between iPhone and computer seems to be an easy process to accomplish. Using iTunes to sync music is always a primary choice for the iPhone users, but they still have other options to copy music from iPhone to computer, such as using iPhone transfer software, iTunes Match and so on. Transferring music from iPhone to computer can be achieved with multiple method, and the iPhone users can check the post about transferring music from iPhone to computer out.
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iPhone users are always not satisfied with the screen, so after they shot photos with iPhone camera, they'll want to share the photos with their iPad to view on a larger screen. So how can people transfer photos from iPhone to iPad? It isn't a hard issue in fact, but iPhone users always want to find multiple solutions to achieve the goal. iTunes, iCloud, iPhone transfer software can all be helpful for the photo transfer between iPhone and iPad, and these methods will provide iPhone users different using experience. The post about transfer photos from iPhone to iPad will introduce you the methods of transferring photos from iPhone to iPad in detail.
Most people care about moving contacts after switching from an iPhone to Android. In fact, people may also encounter the contacts transfer problems between iPhone and iPhone, iPhone and computer, iPhone and Blackberry, etc. So transferring contacts from iPhone is always a very hot topic among the users. Transferring contacts from iPhone can be easy, but also can be interesting. Many iPhone users prefer using iTunes to transfer contacts than other tools, in fact, iPhone users have multiple convenient ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android or other smart phones, the post about transferring contacts from iPhone to Android will show you in detail.
When it comes to transferring videos to iPhone, iPhone users will think that it’s not a problem at all. The transfer can be accomplished with iTunes easily, and the users don’t need to spend much time doing it. But don’t iPhone users have another method other than using iTunes? The truth is, people don’t want to use iTunes sometimes because of the sync of iTunes. In fact, users have other methods to transfer videos to iPhone, and they will find that methods are just as easy as using iTunes, but these methods will help users get rid of the sync of iTunes. The post about transferring videos to iPhone will introduce you in detail.
Many Apple fans don't only have iPhone, but also own Mac computers. With Mac computers, people are able to handle their iPhone easily. When people use iPhone on Mac computers, they will also come up with the problems of transferring data between iPhone and Mac just the same as they use Windows computer. Transferring files from iPhone to Mac, or the other way round, is not a hard issue at all, but if iPhone users don’t want to use iTunes, they still have other methods to transfer files from iPhone to Mac, and the post about transferring files from iPhone to Mac will introduce you in detail.