How to Unblur an Image: 5 Easy Ways to Try

It is common for a lot of amateur photographers to take blurry photos in daily life. This case can be caused by a hurry or relative low photographing skills. When you find your images are too blurry, it is useful for you to use some methods to fix how to unblur an image. Luckily, here […]

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How to Scan Documents and Photos on iPhone

Asides from some basic functions on your iPhone, like make calls, take photos and enjoy some apps. iPhone is also designed to scan documents and photos with the help of built-in apps and some third-party programs. If you have ever tried a lot of solutions to scan documents and photos on iPhone, but it doesn’t […]

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Top 5 JPEG Enhancers 2023

Thanks to various Instagram filters and smartphone built-in photo editor, enhancing photo effects has become a common thing in our daily life. But for most people, what you may only know is some basic filters adding functions instead of more advanced photo enhancing features. If you would like to enhance your JPEG pictures at hand, […]

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How to Sharpen Image in GIMP?

As for how to sharpen image, not all photo lovers know the measures to make it with post retouching software. Actually, sharpening is one of those daily tasks that most pictures can benefit from. Everyone wants images with the best effects, which can be realized with the assistance of various tools. In this guidance, you […]

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5 Ways to Sharpen Image in Photoshop

It is quite hard for photo lovers to get the perfect snap. Usually, a slight jolt when you take a photo will make your image blurry. Luckily, there are various photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop that enables you to sharpen your images just with a few clicks. This guidance will introduce Adobe Photoshop in […]

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