Shutter speed plays an important role in capturing a subject. Its application calls for clear understanding of the definition of it in photography. This tutorial will introduce this concept clearly and you can also know some best examples to use fast shutter speed. If you are not satisfied with the photos shot with shutter speed due to poor photography skills or camera shake, you can also find a way to fix it to improve the photo quality to a great degree.

Part 1: Definition of Fast Shutter Speed Photography


Not every photographer knows the meaning of faster shutter speed. Here I would like to break down its definition here for your reference.

First you need to know that a fast shutter speed is faster than 1/500th of a second, which may include 1/1000, 1/2000 and 1/4000. For the mechanical shutter of the Sony A9, its fast shutter speed can reach 1/8,000sec. The electronic shutter can reach 1/32,000sec faster speed. The faster the shutter speed is, the shorter the open time of your camera shutter. It is easy to use fast shutter speed to reduce time and freeze the moment.

For instance, when photographing wildlife, you can use fast shutter speed to shoot flying birds in the sky or running animals on the ground. Sports photography is also a common area for using fast shutter speed.

When you desire to produce a sharp image without blur, it is just the time for you to use a fast shutter speed. It is a great way to capture moving subjects and freeze it in action, which can record the movement and make it static for photography ideas. There are many creative ideas for using fast shutter speed. Read on the following part and you will know 7 best fast shutter speed photography examples. As for more basic and fundamental info on shutter speed, you can read the guidance of “What is Shutter Speed in Photography?” to help you to know it clearly.

Part 2: 7 Best Fast Shutter Speed Photography Examples

In order to help you to understand the meaning of a fast shutter speed more deeply, the following fast shutter speed pictures can do the work. Try to experience the photography skills used in these fast shutter speed examples and insist on practicing, you will also be able to create excellent pieces of fast shutter speed photography in the near future.

1. Water balloon explosion


It is always a great game for blowing balloons and try one’s best to protect it from explosion in the gaming process. However, have you tried to fill balloons with water? It is interesting because the water balloons are very heavy and dangerous. Water will come out at the moment when the balloon explodes. To capture the water jumps out of the balloon when you use a needle to puncture a balloon, it calls for a fast shutter speed, for the explosion moment is very quick. As you can see, the fast shutter speed is wonderful, which enables the water to appear like silk floss. The contrast between the red part and the white part in the photo is obvious, which is a great artwork in photography.

2. Burning fire of a lighter


The burning fire of a lighter is moving all the time due to unstable air flow. It is not an easy task to capture the moving fire of a lighter without fast shutter speed. To observe the burning of the lighter fire in one’s hand and then shoot for several times with fast shutter speed until you find the best effect. As you can see from the photo, the blurry background and the burning fire of a lighter is harmonious and beautiful.

3. A running dog


It is a great time to walk with your dog in the open air when you are free. The cute puppy can bring you much more happiness. In order to capture its running moment, you can ask your dear ones to use some delicious food to induce your dog to run fast. It is really a good idea to try to use continuous capture modes and a fast shutter speed to create a dog image as shown above for memorization of happy time.

4. Sea surfing


Sea surfing is an exciting sports item, which calls for great balance ability and sports skills. When the water wave comes, you need to catch the chance to surf for great fun. To use a fast shutter speed to freeze the surfing moment is fantastic.

5. A running car


Maybe you have been accustomed to heavy traffic on the road. However, this is also an area for you to create prominent photos via a fast shutter speed. As you can see in the fast shutter speed photography, the running car and the driver in the car are captured clearly with the assistance of a fast shutter speed. The blurry background enables the car to appear quite faster on the road.

6. A flying eagle


For wildlife photographers, it is common to capture fast-moving animals in the nature. When the eagle spreads its wings and flies up high, the exciting moment is captured in the photo. The flying wings are frozen in the sky and the total eagle figure is shot clearly, which is one remarkable photography piece finished with a fast shutter speed.

7. Dropping condiments


To taste delicious food is a wonderful experience and to record the process to making gourmet food is also great for photography lovers. To walk into the kitchen and fetch your camera to freeze the movement of dropping condiments for cooking steak, you will leave your audience’s saliva. With the inspiring of this photo, you can also find other fast shutter speed creative ideas in the kitchen to get similar effects.

The 7 fast shutter speed examples are unexceptionable for viewing and you can observe all things in your life carefully to search for find photography ideas with a fast shutter speed. Practice makes perfect. This is the golden principle in the photography filed.

Part 3: How to Enhance Fast Shutter Speed Pictures with Leawo PhotoIns?

It is not an easy task to shoot great fast shutter speed photos at freezing the moment. The imperfect fast shutter speed pictures are numerous. In order to help photographers to obtain great photo pieces, lots of photo enhancers come into being. Since there are so many photo enhancing tools, it is hard to pick out a proper program to help you improve your photo quality. Leawo PhotoIns is the one that can fits you most in improving fast shutter speed photos. This software is a powerful and one-stop AI photo enhancer, which enables you to perfect your fast shutter speed images automatically. The photo types that are supported by this tool are various, including RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PNG files, etc. Its editing and retouching features are advanced. You can try to use it to make your fast shutter speed photos clear and reduce photo noise simply with just several tasks. Check out the following steps and you will know how to take advantage of Leawo PhotoIns to enhance fast shutter speed pictures easily.

Step 1: Download and Install Leawo PhotoIns

Visit the official website of Leawo PhotoIns, and then download it to your computer and install it for fast shutter speed photo enhancing.

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  • Leawo PhotoIns

    - Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI technology
    - Fix photo exposure and white balance issues automatically
    - Optimize photo colors and perfect photo tints
    - Make photos perfectly clear with smart dehaze
    - Boost photo lighting and color quality
    - Process RAW and JPG files

Step 2. Add Fast Shutter Speed Photos

Launch the program and then hit on the “Add Photo” button to navigate to your computer local folder to find the fast speed shutter photos for loading into the software. It also allows you to directly drag and drop your images captured with a fast shutter speed into the middle part of the software.


Step 3. Improve Fast Shutter Speed Photos

This tool enables you to enhance fast shutter speed photos in batch or one by one with its internal photo AI enhancer. You can open the drop-down panel of “Settings” to enable “Automatic Lens Correction”, “Face enhance” and/or “Enlarge eyes” features to begin to enhance your photos in batch. Of course, if you pursue better improvement of each fast shutter speed photo, you are recommended to enhance them one by one. As soon as you double-click on one loaded fast shutter speed photo to enter the photo enhancing interface for editing, the program will begin to adopt “AI enhance” tech to perfect the fast shutter speed photo for you.


Once the AI photo enhancing is over, you can view the enhancing effect “Before” and “After” via the preview window at once. You can drag the slider on the preview screen freely to obtain an instant comparison.

Step 4. Output Settings

After finishing editing your fast shutter speed photos, you can hit on the bottom right output icon for output settings. Here you can specify output path, photo format, quality, etc. Naming and resizing the output photos are also accessible in this panel.


Step 5. Output AI Enhanced Fast Shutter Speed Photos

In the end, you can hit on the blue “Output photos” button to output AI enhanced fast shutter speed images. Wait for a while and you will be able to view the enhanced photos in your computer local folder at ease.