Ipad Pro is regarded as a perfect device which comes in lots of advantages comparing to other apple devices. But because it has a big screen that it is difficult for you to use your fingers to perform the actions you required. This is why Apple pencil comes out to solve this problem.
Apple pencil is a wonderful magic stick to serve you well when you are using Ipad Pro. You must connect apple pencil and pair it with your iPad pro once you need Apple pencil to work greatly for you.


Part 1: How to pair apple pencil with iPad Pro

Apple pencil is connected with iPad Pro by Bluetooth, apple pencil does not have any physical button to open a paring mode, it even has no related app to assist you to finish the paring process, instead, you just need to take off the cap at the end of pencil and you will see lighting connector, the lighting connector is the key element to the point of how to pair apple pencil to ipad pro in success.


Then, plug the lighting connector into the bottom of your iPad Pro to begin paring process, when prompted, you will clearly get to know that the Apple pencil is in the process of paring with your iPad pro, finally, tap on pair on the screen and the process is completed in a simple way. Now the apple pencil can work smoothly on iPad pro’s screen, you can enter the notes app to draw on it and test it whether it is good or not.

Part 2: Several reasons for Apple Pencil not working

There are several reasons why your Apple Pencil might fail to work. The problems could be hardware, batteries, Bluetooth, or even Pencil tips. We will list the problems and then give you some tips that could fix your problems.


1. The iPad could be a problem. iOS is sometimes a buggy operating system, although Apple delivers updates timely to fix them. If the problem appears to be your iPad, try restarting it. Completely power-off the iPad by pressing and holding the Power button until the slider appears. Alternatively, you can power off the iPad from the Settings app, under “General” and if you scroll down you should see “Shut Down”.

2. The Pencil battery could be dead. Before using your Apple Pencil, you should make sure that it is holding a sufficient amount of charge before using it with your iPad. Its always best if you fully charge it before use, and if the Pencil has no charge it will not be able to communicate with your iPad. The first-generation Apple Pencil charges through the female Lightning port of the iPad, while the second-generation Apple Pencil charges through the magnets surrounding the iPad. Wondering how to check Apple Pencil battery? Check from the Notification Center “Batteries” widget.

3. The app you want to use could be the problem. App developers also tend to deliver buggy apps that might become unresponsive to touch, and even to Apple Pencil styluses. You can try to force close the app by bringing the fast app switcher from your Home Screen. From the app switcher, swipe up on the app you wish to force close. Re-opening the app could fix your problem and you could be able to use your Apple Pencil as normal.

4. The Bluetooth could be turned off. Just as the Apple Pencil would not be able to communicate with your iPad when the battery is dead, it would also not be able to communicate with your iPad when the Bluetooth is turned off. To turn on the Bluetooth, open your Settings app, tap “Bluetooth” and tap the on/ off button to activate it.

5. The Pencil might need a reset. In some cases, the Apple Pencil might become unresponsive at all. Unpairing and repairing it could fix the problem, and you can do that from the Bluetooth settings on your iPad. When you open the Bluetooth settings, tap the info icon to the right of the paired Apple Pencil. Tap “Forget This Device” and follow all screen prompts. To re-pair the Apple Pencil, please read the previous section of this guide.

6. The Pencil tip/ nib could be loose or exhausted. It is common to find Apple Pencil tips or nibs loose which will prevent it from working. In some cases, the tips could also be completely exhausted and unusable and that could also prevent functionality. Try making sure that the tips/ nibs are tight or replace them if necessary.

Part 3: How to fix Apple Pencil not pairing

Apple pencil is an amazing electronic device that can work for your need, but unfortunately, sometimes it may disappoint you because of the hardware or software issue, which probably cause a common problem like apple pencil not pairing. It is an annoying situation that the connectivity problems occur even if you have used the apple pencil for a couple of days, but you cannot ignore a serious problem that it can not work properly to pair with your iPad pro normally one day. It is an embarrassing moment when apple pencils fails to pair and work. So how to fix apple pencil not pairing? Firstly, you should keep in mind that a digital device requires charging in high frequency, be sure to check the battery status before you use it, fully charging is the basic key to enable you to use the digital device in a normal condition. Then try to pair it with other iPad pro to see whether it can pair appropriately and successfully. Under the some circumstance, this method is a good solution when apple pencil fails to pair with the target iPad Pro, however, it can pair and work on other devices.

You can also check the Bluetooth connection between apple pencil and iPad device. Enter the setting on iPad and check Apple pencil by tapping on Bluetooth, or you can slide down the notification center to check the batteries of Apple pencil. If you have try any possible methods you may think, you can go to the apple care to fix this problem or you can buy a new one to replace it.

Part 4: How to transfer iPad drawings to Mac via iTransfer for Mac

Using Apple pencil to draw the sketches in creativity and imagination is an enjoyable experience for apple users, if you want to free up more space on your iPad pro and attempt to transfer the sketches storing in your iPad device to your Mac, Leawo iTransfer for Mac is a great solution for transferring. iTransfer is fantastic tool to transfer program between IOS devices, iTunes and computer, transferring related issue can be solved in an effective way by using iTransfer, more than 12 kinds of files can be transferred by this wonderful software, such as photos, apps, music, videos, etc,. which ensures users can mange the files freely without any limit. The significant features of it are the rapid and safe transfer, most important is that the files can be transferred without data loss and overwritten, just follow three simple steps, you can complete transferring reliably and safely. How to transfer iPad drawings to Mac via iTransfer? Here we introduce the specific steps in details for your reference:


Leawo iTransfer for Mac 

☉ copy files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ copy up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone XS, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

1. Connect your iPad device to your Mac and make sure Leawo iTransfer start to work.
The software begin to identify and detect your iPad device, then you should click the name of iPad and select library in the left sidebar.


2. Check all the files name and select the file “ photos”, you can see all your drawings in photos and then choose the drawings you need by right-click and click Transfer to > My Computer.


3. A prompt will pop up once you selected the files, be sure to check Save to Folder and click change to select a folder as your target folder to save your favourite and precious drawings. Finally, click the Transfer Now button to start the transferring process to your Mac.