Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro Getting Started

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro is a professional yet all-in-one tool that enables you to burn PowerPoint to DVD or video files in any popular formats (e.g., AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, MP4, VOB, WMV and MOV). With this powerful product, you can share your PowerPoint with anyone that does not have a PowerPoint viewer or even a computer. This program can perfectly retain the animations, transitions and audio tracks in your original PowerPoint. You can also add background music and record your voice narration to accompany each separate slide. With varied templates and button styles, the Blu-ray/DVD menu creator lets you to customize your exclusive menu to navigate your audience clearly and conveniently. This program allows users to convert PowerPoint to DVD and to control the playback of the PPT presentations on DVD players with a remote control. It is absolutely the best PowerPoint to DVD solution.


Import PPT Files

Click Import or Add to import PowerPoint files that you want to convert. This may take a few seconds depending on the size of the PPT files. In addition, you can add up to 12 PowerPoint files by sequence.


File Information

This panel shows the specific attributes of the selected PPT file, e.g. file name/path, file size, slide count, page size and last modified time.

Slide Preview

The selected PPT file is displayed in this preview panel when successfully loaded. You can click the forward_button button to view the next slide, back_button to view the former, last_button  to view the last or first_button  to view the first.

In the following interface, Click customize_button  to edit slide properties like slide name, transition time and thumbnail. Double click an item to edit its slide name or transition time, or double click the image in the preview window to set another picture as the thumbnail of the slide.


Playback Options

You can select to playback the slides automatically and/or manually.

Under automatic mode, you can select Loop play to advance your slides without stop unless they are triggered on mouse click.

You can set the transition time (0.0~100.0s) between slides, while by default it is 6 seconds.

Note: This will take NO effects if you have already set transition time in the PowerPoint. To achieve a better effect, we highly recommend you to set the transition time in your PowerPoint file.

Under manual mode, you can select to display the slides in thumbnail view and/or in list view.

Chapter Scheme

One Slide One Chapter: Choose to playback slides with One slide one chapter in manual mode.

One Animation One Chapter: Choose to playback slides with One animation one chapter in manual mode.

Click “No see, no gain!” to view the demo of the differences between One slide one chapter and One Animation One Chapter.

apply_to_all_button: Click to apply your current settings to all the rest files on the file list.

Set Output Options

Choose a conversion type among Create Standard DVD, Convert to Video File and Create Blu-ray Disc.

Note: The Menu button is not available for the Convert to Video File option.

Create Standard DVD


DVD Options

Norm: NTSC and PAL/SECAM are two TV standards universally accepted. Select the one that accords with your country’s standard. If you are not sure which TV standard is used in your country, click “Help” to select your country or location.

Mode: Under the Create Standard DVD option, the default mode is Standard DVD. Click More… to set the Aspect, Encoder Size and Display Size.

Video Aspect Ratio: Choose an aspect ratio for the created DVD movie.

Convert to Video File


Set output video format

Profile: From the drop-down list, select an output video style. These Export Styles for video files are available: AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, VOB, FLV, DV. You can also convert a PowerPoint presentation to video for playback on portable devices like: iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Zune Movie (*.wmv or *.mp4), Xbox 360 Video (*.wmv), Pocket PC Movie (*.wmv), Creative Zen Player Video (*.avi), Blackberry Video (*.3gp;*.3g2;*.mp4;*.avi;*.wmv).

Video Quality/Audio Quality: Choose the output quality as you like. It should turn to custom if the output bit rate had been changed in Settings.

Profile Settings



Video Settings

Video Codec: Select a video codec for the output file.

Bit Rate: Select a proper bit rate for your video if available. Video bit rate (kbit/s).

Video size: Select a preset frame size or custom frame size for the output video. You can select “original” to keep the original frame size of the file, or choose from the given options. Frame size (WxH).

Frame Rate: Select a lower frame rate for your video if you want to make the file size smaller, or you can select “original” to keep the frame rate of the original file. Frame rate (hz).

Aspect Ratio: This option is to show different aspect ratios for you to choose from, or to keep the original/auto one for the created video file.

Audio Settings

Audio Codec: Select an audio codec for the output file.

Bit Rate: Select a proper bit rate for your audio data. Audio bit rate (bit/s).

Sample Rate: Select a proper sample rate for your audio data. Audio sampling rate (hz).

Channels: Select an audio channel for your audio data. Two types are generally available, i.e. mono and standard stereo.

Create Blu-ray Disc


Norm: NTSC and PAL/SECAM are two TV standards universally accepted. Select the one that accords with your country’s standard. If you are not sure which TV standard is used in your country, click “Help” to select your country or location.

Mode: Two formats as 720p (1280*720) and 1080p (1920*1080) are available for the Create Blu-ray Disc option. Click More… to set Encoder Size and Display Size.

Folder: Location of working folder and output folder. Make sure that the two location directories are NOT specified the same, for all the files located in working folder will be removed automatically once the process is completed.

Advanced Settings

Click on the advanced_settings_button  icon at the right-top for advanced settings. The Advanced Settings tab consists of the following items:

Advanced Settings — Video Mode:


Advanced Settings — Blu-ray/DVD Mode:


PowerPoint: You can select to ignore all the audios in PowerPoint files as you like. To achieve the best effect, we suggest you choose to ignore the audios in the PowerPoint file with two or more animations if you want them to be played under manual mode.

To do if the presentation is set to show slides with a range…: Suppose you have set a slide show range (check item: Slide Show->Set Up Show->Show Slides->From-to-) in the original PowerPoint file. If you select Prompt me, then a dialog box will pop up when converting the file, asking you to apply the range or not. Apply the range means that you apply the range as default, while Ignore the range and show all means that the program will ignore your original range and process all the slides as default.

To do if the presentation is set to show slides with custom show….: If you have set up custom show (check item: Slide Show–>Custom shows) in original PowerPoint file, when converting the file, Prompt me means that a dialog box will pop up to let you decide whether to apply the custom show or not, Apply the custom show means that you apply the custom show as default, and Ignore it and show all means that the program will ignore your original custom show and process all the slides as default.


Slide Size: Select the slide size that you want to play on TV later.


Video Quality: Higher video quality or smaller output file size? It’s up to you. You have three choices. But it is recommended that you click High Quality to achieve the best effect.


Audio Codec: Two audio codecs are listed here. Choose the one that your DVD player supports. If you are not sure which one is the right choice, just select AC3, the standard DVD audio codec as recommanded.


Blu-ray/DVD: Used to set Blu-ray/DVD audio language code. Click More for more information. Check Disable Blu-ray/DVD Menu and all of your slides will be played automatically.
Hide navigation buttons in manual-play mode: Check this option if you don’t want the navigation buttons appear on the screen.


If two or more versions of PowerPoint were installed on the computer, you may choose one from the drop-down menu for processing.
Check to be mute or not in the process of conversion.

Note: Another two option Output File Exists will appear in this tab if you choose Convert to Video File.


Output File Exists: Select Rename or Override when the name of output file is the same as another file in the same directory.

Design Blu-ray/DVD Menu

The option Menu is NOT available unless you select Create Standard DVD or Create Blu-ray Disc. This includes two items: Main Menu and Title Menu.


A simulator for the Blu-ray/DVD Remote Control is displayed on the right of the display window. Click Menu or Title to switch between the two modes.

Select Menu Templates: Select a template from the drop-down list.

Click on the menu_creator button and the following interface will pop up for you to design the Blu-ray/DVD menu.


Select Menu: Click to select either of the menu types (i.e. Main Menu and Title Menu) from the drop-down list. All changes will be applied to current selected menu.

Main Menu Design


Background Fill: There are three ways provided to fill the DVD menu background, which are shown as follows:

Gallery: PPT2DVD Pro provides 6 categories here, including Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature and Others. You can choose a category from the drop-down list, and then select a background template for the menu.

Color: You can fill the background using gradient colors (with 3 options). You can change the linear angle by entering a degree on the text field, and change the color stops by moving the slider. You can see changes on the preview area in real-time.

Picture or Image: Click to import a picture or even video from your hard drives as the background.

Background Music: Click to add background music for the DVD menu. After an audio file is imported, you can click play_audio to play it and check the effect, or click remove_audio  to remove the current music if it is not satisfying.

Loop play: Check to loop play the music.

Duration: Set DVD menu video duration.

Apply to all: Click to apply the current background settings to all menu pages.


Button Style:
Use Template: button-style-1 Use Gradient: button-style-2

Frame Style: Click to choose a category from the drop-down list. Moyea PPT2DVD Pro provides 7 categories, i.e. Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others and Misc. Then you can select a frame style that you prefer.

Apply to all: Click to apply the current button style to all menu items.


Caption: Click on an object in the left preview area, and then you can change the caption in the right box and set the font name and size.


Advanced Settings of Menu Properties

Disable this menu: If you have only imported one PPT file, you could check to disable the main menu and select the action token at the end of the show.
Note: If there is only one item under Title menu, and then you could check to disable the title menu and then select the action token at the end of the show, such as “Play slides automatically”.

Loop all presentations: Check to this option if you like to loop all presentations when play on TV.

Show file name on menu: Check to show the file name on the menu.

Style of the focused menu item: Select either style for the focused menu item, Framed or Marked.

Framed: Click from the drop-down list to select a color for the framed.

Marked: You can select an icon for the marked such as Ellipse, Arrow, Star and Hand.

Title Menu Design

All the settings in Title menu are the same as those in Main menu. However, you can set an icon style for the Return button in design mode of Title menu.


Original Layout: You can drag the items to change the layout and the display image size in the preview area. Once it is changed, you can also click the original_layout_button button to return to the original display.

Save: Click to save your settings.

Cancel: Click to cancel the changes.

Configure Music

This feature enables you to configure music for your slideshows on DVD or video under auto and/or manual playback mode.


Under auto mode, you can add up to 5 audio files by sequence as background music in one project. They can be continuously played in the output file.

Click add_audio  to add an audio file, or button  to record narration. Save the narration when it is completed.

Select the audio file and click play_audio  to test the effect.

If you are unsatisfied with the current music, remove it by clicking remove_audio .


Under manual mode, you can add an audio file to every single slide of a PPT file separately. One or more audio files/ narrations can be added depending on the amount of animations (Build No.) within the slides.

Add logo(s) and set video layout

Add logo(s) on the output video, Blu-ray or DVD. Set video layout.

Add logo(s)


Add logo file(s): Click add-logo  to add an image from your hard drive. Then you can see the image on the preview panel. You can drag to place it anywhere within the panel or drag its border to zoom in or out.

Alpha: Drag the slider to set an alpha value for the logo you’ve added.

Enable Transparent Color (This function enables you to remove all pixels of a certain color from the image.)
Set the color that you want to remove: click pickup-color1 to select a color or click pickup-color2 to select a color from the selected image:


Tolerance: Drag to set a value of tolerance, i.e. to clear relative pixels of the selected image.

Set video layout


Margin Size: Drag the slider to set the margin size.

Margin Fill: Three methods are offered to fill the margin.
Method 1 Pick a picture from the template base.
Method 2 Adjust the colors. You can adjust the current angle and position of the margin via the cross fades of three different colors.
Method 3 Take an image from your local drive.



Burn to Disc

Ensure that you have a Blu-ray/DVD burner available on your computer and a writeable Blu-ray/DVD disc inserted.

Program: It is an embedded burn engine.

Volume Label: Rename the volume label whatever you want to be displayed on your optical drive when you insert the disc.

Create DVD image file

If you choose to create a Blu-ray/DVD image file, the next time you can burn the image file directly to Blu-ray/DVD using a third-party burn program.

ISO File: You can change the directory for saving the ISO file.

Volume Label: Rename the volume label whatever you want to be displayed on your optical drive when you insert the disc.

After completing all the settings, click start_burn to start to burn. The following interface is displayed before the conversion.


Click OK to start the conversion. Then you will find the processing progress displayed in the Task List, which includes all the tasks, their status and the elapsed time. Whether the processing lasts long or not depends on the performance of your computer, the complexity of your presentations and so on.


The interface above appears when the process is completed. The output directory of your converted video is shown as a hyperlink. You can click it to view your DVD video files or to play the first VOB file.
The conversion time is also displayed.
The NOTE is only shown in the trial version.

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