Brief Introduction

Run the software and you will see the below main interface. The left sidebar is the main modules including Recording, Library, and PlayList. The upper pane of the main interface includes music recording and playing control buttons.

1. Recording

The software supports to record computer audio and online music sources like YouTube, AOL music,, Spotify, etc. To record music, just click the red “Start” button and play the music you want to record. With recording done, click the same button to stop recording.

2. Library

Under Library option, you can find some folders with the recordings. “All Recordings” folder includes all of the recordings, while “Newly Recordings” folder consists of the recorded audio newly.

3. PlayList

All of your playlists will be put under the PlayList option. In general, “Recently Played” folder will place the recordings just played. However, you can create a new playlist like PlayList 1.

4. Audio Source

If you want to record music from different audio sources, click “Audio Source” button to get it. Then Audio Source Preferences window will pop up and choose Record Computer Audio to record computer audio stream or online music, while choose Record Audio Input to record Mic or other built-in audio streams.

5. Task Scheduler

If you want to record with a schedule, the built-in recording task scheduler can help you. Just click clock button at the left bottom and there will pop up the Scheduler Preferences window. Then pitch on Task Scheduler option and set recording Start Time and Recording Duration.

6. Add Playlist

If you want to add new playlists for your recordings, click the "Add Playlist" icon to finish the task with ease.

7. Add to iTunes

After recording, you can transfer recorded music to iTunes with one-click. Just click round note button to finish this task.

8. Edit

There are 8 options in Edit menu including Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select/Unselect All, Start Dictation, and Special Characters.

a. Cut: cut recorded music from one playlist to another and the file in the original location will not be kept.

b. Copy: copy recorded music from one playlist to another, but the file in the original location will still be kept.

c. Paste: paste the recorded music from Cut or Copy to the new place.

d. Delete: delete recorded music or playlist.

e. Select All: select all the recording music quickly.

f. Unselect All: cancel all the selected recordings with one-click.

g. Start Dictation: use your voice to enter text.

h. Special Characters: input emoji, accents, and symbols.

9. Help

There are 8 options available in Help menu: Online Help, Home Page, Support, Register, Buy, Check for Updates, Bug Report, EULA, FeedBack, and Translate Music Recorder for us.

a. Online Help: link to the user guide page of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

b. Home Page: link to the home page of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

c. Support: link to the support page of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

d. Register: used to register Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

e. Buy: link to the purchase page of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

f. Check for Updates: check for the latest version of the software.

g. Bug Report: if users find bugs when using the software, they could send the bug report to Leawo Software.

h. EULA: Licensed Application End User License Agreement.

i. FeedBack: used to feedback the problem of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

j. Translate Music Recorder for us: link to the translation page of Leawo Software. We are looking forward that you are willing to help us translate our products’ UI language into your language.

10. LeawoMusicRecorder

The LeawoMusicRecorder menu consists of 7 options: About Leawo Music Recorder, Preferences, Services, Hide LeawoMusicRecorder, Hide Others, Show All, and Quit LeawoMusicRecorder.

a. About Leawo Music Recorder: show the version of the software, support and home page links.

b. Preferences: click here to do some basic settings for Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

c. Services: used to make some quick actions.

d. Hide LeawoMusicRecorder: hide the software to Dock on Mac.

e. Hide Others: hide other windows on the desktop apart from Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

f. Show All: show all windows shown up and hid.

g. Quit LeawoMusicRecorder: exit the software.

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