Leawo Music Recorder for Mac Preferences

Click the application name menu – LeawoMusicRecorder and choose “Preferences” to open the preferences panel.

1. General Preferences

Select the "General" tab, you could change the recordings output location or default language.

2. Audio Source Preferences

Select the "Audio Source" tab, you could pitch on Record Computer Audio to record computer audio stream or online music. However, to record audio input, you can choose Built-in Microphone, Built-in Input, or System Audio Recorder. Just pitch on Record Audio Input and choose one in the drop-down list .

3. Scheduler Preferences

Select the "Scheduler" tab, you could pitch on Task Scheduler option and set recording Start time and Recording Duration. In addition, you could set to shut down the software after recording finished. Just pitch on the choice.

4. Control Preferences

Select the "Control" tab, you could set the silence time duration for splitting the recording automatically, filter and save tracks longer than the preset value.

5. Format Preferences

Select the "Format" tab, you could select the output format: mp3, m4a, or wav. You could also set the recording file parameters including Audio Codec, Bit Rate (Kbps) and Sample Rate (HZ).

6. Connection Preferences

Select the "Connection" tab if you need to connect the network through the proxy. You need to write down your Proxy type, Proxy host, Proxy port, Proxy name, and Proxy password.

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