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Does Netflix Have a Student Discount? How to Save Money?

“Hi there, is there any Netflix student discount? I know that HBO Max or the Max provides student discount of 20%. Does Netflix have a student discount to let students get Netflix at a lower cost? Or is there any Netflix promo code for saving cash?”

Nowadays, many streaming services have provided a student discount for colleague students to stream movies, TV shows and other digital content online at lower cost, such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount+, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, etc. Is there any Netflix student discount available? How to get Netflix discounts if Netflix student discount is unavailable? You have come to the right place for direct answers and practical solutions on the Netflix discount to save your money.

Part 1: Does Netflix Have a Student Discount?

First thing first: does Netflix have a student discount? The answer is “NO, Netflix doesn’t provide student plans”. By now, Netflix has 3 different subscription plans for you to choose from: Standard with ads, Standard, and Premium, with price ranging from $6.99 to $22.99 per month.

netflix student discount

If you are a student and would like to get a Netflix subscription with a Netflix discount for less cost, you will be disappointed that Netflix doesn’t provide not only Netflix student discount plans but also a free trial version. However, without a Netflix student discount doesn’t mean you can’t get Netflix at a lower cost. There are quite a few ways to let you stream Netflix movies and TV shows while at the same time saving your cash without a student discount for Netflix. You could refer to the below solutions to get a lower cost of Netflix streaming.

Part 2: Use Netflix Shared Accounts for Money-Saving

The very first solution for the shortage of Netflix student discount is to share an existed Netflix account. And there are 2 different ways to share Netflix accounts with others: Netflix household feature and Netflix’s extra slots.

1. Share Netflix account through Netflix Household

The Netflix Household feature is specifically designed for people who live or frequently stream Netflix content in one house. As long as you or anyone who lives with you owns a Netflix account with an active subscription, a Netflix Household could be created to let selected ones stream Netflix in the house via the same account, therefore reducing streaming costs instead of Netflix discount. The Netflix Household will collect all devices connected to the same internet and let all devices that use the same Netflix account for streaming Netflix movies and TV shows. All devices will become a part of the Netflix Household collection.

netflix household

To set Netflix Household, you only need to:

Step 1: On your TV, kick off Netflix app and open its menu.
Step 2: Click "Get Help" button and then choose "Manage Netflix Household" option.
Step 3: Choose "Confirm Netflix Household" option.
Step 4: On the follow-up interface, choose either "Send Email" or "Send Text" to send a verification link to account email address or phone number.
Step 5: Upon the verification email, click "Yes, this was Me" option or "Confirm Netflix Household" option in the text message.
Step 6: On your TV device, you will get a confirmation notice on the screen. Click the "Continue to Netflix" option to join the Netflix Household for Netflix streaming.

In this way, you could easily collect all devices in your house to join the Netflix Household without extra subscription cost. No Netflix student discount is ever needed here.

2. Share Netflix account by adding extra slots

Besides sharing your Netflix accounts among various devices within the same Household, you could also ask a friend who has a Standard or Premium subscription to add extra slots for you. The Netflix Standard or Premium account owner needs to purchase an extra member slot, which will be much less than a normal subscription, about $8 for each extra member slot, while the Standard plan allows 1 extra slot and Premium plan allows 2 extra slots only.

netflix extra member

The below guide shows you how to buy an extra slot:

Step 1: Log into your Netflix and open the Profile picture.
Step 2: Click on the "Account" option and then hit the "Buy an extra member slot" option.
Step 3: Scroll down to hit the "Start Extra Member" option.
Step 4: Click the "Next" button to proceed.
Step 5: Afterwards, enter the name and email address. And then give the extra member a profile.
Step 6: After that, click the "Next" button to complete the slot creating.

Then, wait for the new member slot to accept the invitation.

Part 3: Optimize Viewing to Save Cost on Netflix

If there is no existing Netflix account, you still get some effective solutions to lower your cost even if Netflix student discount is unavailable now. You could optimize your subscription plan to reduce cost.

netflix plan

There are in total 3 different subscription plans, respectively: Standard with ads, which is $5.99 per month, Standard, which is $15.49 per month, and Premium plan which is $22.99 per month. You could book the Standard with ads plan and then cancel at any time you want. This will cost you the least. The Standard with ads plan will deliver you with commercials. However, you could make use of its internal download feature to download Netflix movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

Also, since there are limits of Netflix downloads within Netflix apps, you could turn to some 3rd-party Netflix video downloader tools like CleverGet Netflix Downloader, which is one of the best Netflix downloaders to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your computer for unlimited offline viewing. By downloading Netflix movies and TV shows, you also don’t need to subscribe monthly. Just download all your favorite movies and TV shows to your computer and keep them forever, without a second monthly subscription needed.

  • CleverGet Netflix Downloader
  • CleverGet Netflix Downloader

    - Enable users to download movies, TV shows, serials, etc. to MP4/MKV format.
    - Download 720P, 1080P Netflix HD videos without quality loss.
    - Support to download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons in batches.
    - Reserve multilingual subtitles and audio tracks.

Part 4: Get Netflix Cheaper via the Third-Party Channels

Still, you could get other solutions to get Netflix at a lower cost even without a Netflix discount. You could make use of 3rd-party platforms to achieve this.

1. Buy Netflix gift cards from 3rd-party deals

Many retailers or online stores offer various gift cards for various streaming services like Amazon, BestBuy, Eneba, Walmart, Paypal, etc., and sometimes they will provide discounts for these gift cards. You could purchase one Netflix gift card from these platforms and redeem them while making your own subscription.

netflix gift card

It is easy and simple to activate the Netflix gift card:

Step 1: Once you get the Netflix gift card, scratch the foil off the gift card back to get the activation code.
Step 2: Open page.
Step 3: Enter the code you just get from the Netflix gift card and click the "Redeem" button.
Step 4: Enter your Netflix account email if you already have Netflix account, or create a new account.
Step 5: Confirm the Netflix gift card redeem on the confirmation screen.

2. Get Netflix at a lower cost from Netflix partner bundle services

Netflix has partnered with cellular services, broadband services and even other streaming services to offer bundle packages at lower cost, such as T-Mobile, Walmart, JioFiber and ACT (India broadband services), etc. By purchasing these bundle packages, you could get both Netflix and its partners' service at a relatively low cost.

save cost on netflix bundle

Part 5: Subscribe to Netflix in Other Country at a Lower Price

Still, you could get another wonderful solution to get Netflix cheaper while there is neither Netflix promo code nor Netflix student discount. That is to subscribe Netflix from another region or country that charges much less than the one you are living in. This is real and feasible since Netflix has priced their plans differently from one region/country to another. For example, for the same subscription, the monthly cost in Switzerland will be around $14.20 but switched to be about $5 only in Argentina. That’s a huge price gap.

save cost on netflix via vpn

To subscribe Netflix from another country or region, you might need a VPN if you find the target region is not available. However, it should be noted that the ad-supported Standard plan is not allowed via VPN streaming, and Netflix Live events are not available either. Meanwhile, you could carefully select the right and virus-free VPN tools.

Part 6: FAQs

1. Is there a Netflix student discount?

No, Netflix offers no special discount for students. There are no Netflix discounts for students.

2. Can you get any other kind of official Netflix discounts?

No. Netflix provides no official discount for any reason. However, you still have choices to get Netflix cheaper by the means mentioned above.

3. Does Netflix offer a free trial in 2024?

No, Netflix offers no free trial now. It did provide a free trial version in the past.

4. Is it possible to share passwords with others?

Netflix doesn’t forbid this behavior, as long as you trust each other well.

5. Can I get Netflix accounts for free?

There are sites that share free Netflix accounts and passwords. You could get free Netflix accounts there.



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