Nowadays most people carry their iPhones with them wherever they go. Working or living without a mobile phone may cause us a lot of trouble. However, it’s, sometimes, unavoidable that one couldn’t find their phones. Maybe you just left it in a corner seat when you were dining at a restaurant. If you’re an iPhone user, and unfortunately you lost your iPhone and want to get it back, there is a built-in app you can utilize to find the iPhone easily.

The Find My iPhone app helps you to locate an iPhone whether they’re under a scatter cushion or in a car. Then how to locate iPhone via Find My iPhone?This passage will tell you how to locate an iPhone step by step.

How to locate iPhone Using Find My iPhone

Step 1:

If you want to use Find My iPhone, the first thing you should do is to turn on the Location Services. Location Services allow Find My iPhone to determine your location.

Tap Settings>Privacy>Location Services and turn on Location Services.

Location Service

If Location Services has already been turned on, then you can just skip Step 1

Step 2:

When Locations Services is on, a list of apps using the location services will be shown on the page. Please make sure that Location Services is available to Find My iPhone while it is being used.

Location Service

Step 3:

Launch Find My iPhone and Sign in with your Apple ID.

Location Service

The moment you set up Find My iPhone, Activation Lock is automatically turned on. Your Apple ID and password will be required before using any services of Find My iPhone.

Step 4:

Then how to locate an iPhone? After signing into Find My iPhone, a map will be displayed on the screen. And your IOS devices are listed below the map. Tap the device you want to locate. Here you can locate your iPhone on the map if it is online.

Location Service

You can do any of the following:

  • 1) Play a sound on your iPhone to pinpoint its precise location
  • 2) Use lost mode to lock your iPhone and track its location if it was stolen.
  • 3) You can erase all of your personal information remotely. If you can get your iPhone back, you can restore it via iCloud backup.

The above are the steps on how to locate iPhone and more importantly, how to locate a lost iPhone and to take necessary actions.

How to Recover Data from iPhone After Erasing it with Find My iPhone

I once followed the steps on how to locate my iPhone and was lucky enough to get it back finally. But I had erased all my information in case it was stolen! If you are in such a similarly embarrassing situation now, you can use Leawo iOS Data Recovery to recover deleted or lost data on your iPhone.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is an all-inclusive software which can recover up to 14 types of data effortlessly. Using Leawo iOS Data Recovery to back up data on your iOS devices, you can avoid data loss due to mistaken deleting or other causes.


The following is how you can recover data using Leawo iOS Data Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your PC. Then launch the software. 3 choices will be shown on the user interface. Connect your iPhone to the PC by USB cable. Select Recover from iOS Device.

Recover iPhone data

Step 2: Leawo iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone automatically. Click Start to scan your iPhone.

Recover iPhone data

Step 3: All types of date from your iPhone will be listed on the left column after an in-depth scanning.

recover iPhone data

You can select a particular type of data that you want to recover. For example, precious photos taken during a summer vacation. Then click Camera Roll to select the photos and then click Recover button at the bottom of the right side.

Step 4: A window will appear on the interface. You can click Open to select a certain output folder to store your data. And then click Go to start recovering your data. You will finally see all the recovered data on the output folder.

recover iPhone photos

This passage tells you how to locate iPhone by using Find My iPhone--an inserted app designed for users to locate lost iPhone and protect it under emergency situation via lock mode. It is strongly recommended that iPhone users should make regular back-up of their personal data (photos, messages, contacts, etc.). Leawo iOS Data Recovery will help you not only retrieve missing data but also back up the whole phone reliably.