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How to Get Around Netflix Household Rules?

Popular streaming service Netflix has actually ended password sharing in many countries. What this means is that those individuals who have been using Netflix accounts of their friends or relatives outside their residence cannot do so any longer.

If you have an account on Netflix, then you might have already received an email indicating this change. If you’ve been watching through an account that is not yours, then you may have been blocked from access already. But there are ways to bypass Netflix password sharing restrictions. In this article, we will share some methods through which it is possible to get around Netflix household rules.

Part 1: How Does Netflix Define Household?

netflix household

Netflix says that ‘household’ is a group of people who share the residential address of the first titled account holder. Here's how Netflix defines a household:

Netflix Household:

  • A household is made up of people living in the same residence and under the same roof as the owner of that specific Netflix account.
  • Any computer or other internet-linked electronics, like television or mobile, through which Netflix content is streamed in the main place, is considered to belong to the same household.
  • To be recognized as belonging to the same household, all the devices should be connected to the Netflix login based on the primary Wi-Fi network used in the main area where Netflix is usually viewed.

In other words, Netflix defines a household as a set of devices compatible with the streaming service and linked to an internet connection that belongs to the main living space of the owner of the account. With this definition, Netflix can determine the devices belonging to the same household so that the account can be passed to others, but within the set limits.

Part 2: Can You Use Netflix Through Household Sharing?

From the above information, it is evident that Netflix permits the sharing of accounts within a given household to a certain extent. For instance, in household sharing, the Netflix account holder and other people in her or his household should be able to access a single account on the same or separate devices simultaneously. They confirmed that the primary account holder can watch Netflix on any device in the household’s primary location, which they roughly described as the place where the account is established and mainly utilised. Also, Netflix offers the flexibility where multiple people in a household can watch content when they are not at the main location but are temporarily elsewhere like in a different city or abroad for a few days or weeks.

netflix household sharing

It is essential to know that one account is allowed to create multiple profiles, and any change that is performed will not affect the others since it has its profile that contains its own watch history, recommendations and parental control settings. The number of series or movies that can be viewed at one time highly depends on the type of Netflix plan; the higher the plan, the more simultaneous streams in the same house are permitted. For example, the Basic account permits one stream at a time while the Standard account allows two concurrent streams and the Premium account allows up to four streams at once.

This new policy was rolled out to allow account owners to add an “extra member” as legally permitted to share the account with those who do not reside in the same home as the main user. It will cost $7 and is available through your Netflix account You can buy these additional member slots. How many additional members you can add depends on the type of plan you have - Standard gives you one additional member, and the Premium plan gives you 2. The additional users receive their login and their account profile within the existing account.

Part 3: How to Get Around Netflix Household Rules?

Here are the 6 key methods to get around Netflix Household rules to continue sharing your Netflix account with your friends and family.

Method 1: Purchase Additional User Accounts (Extra Members)

Netflix has introduced a new "extra member" feature that allows account holders to officially share their subscription with people outside their immediate household. You can purchase these extra member slots through your Netflix account for $7.99 per month each. The number you can add depends on your plan - Standard allows 1 extra member, Premium allows 2 extra members. These extra members get their login and profile within your existing account.

get around netflix household

Method 2: Share the Access Code

Sometimes when you try to access your Netflix account on another device or network location, Netflix will alert the account owner via email or text message of the account activity and provide a short code that the account holder has to input to verify that it was them accessing their account.

To solve this issue, the account holder will be able to send the verification code to another person of his or her choice, for instance, a family member or a friend. With that code, any individual can enter the login details of the Netflix account and use that account from that country for some time. Important to note that the verification codes have limited validity and last only for a few minutes, so there is a need to share and input the code without delay.

Method 3: Auto-Forward Verification Emails

To automate the process of sharing Netflix verification codes, the account holder can set up email forwarding rules in their email service like Gmail. First, add the email addresses of people you want to share your Netflix with as forwarding addresses in your email settings.

Next, create an email filter that will automatically forward any emails from Netflix containing phrases like "Your Netflix temporary access code" in the subject line. You can further filter by adding criteria like the name of the profile that needs verifying in the email body.

get aroung netflix household sharing

With this filter set up, any time Netflix sends a verification code email, it will automatically get forwarded to the designated email addresses you added. The people receiving the forwarded emails can then use the codes to log in to your Netflix account from their location temporarily.

Method 4: Route Traffic with a VPN

Some VPN (Virtual Private Network) services offer features that allow you to virtually connect devices to your home network, even when they are physically located elsewhere. This can potentially help bypass Netflix's household restrictions by making external devices appear as if they are part of your approved home network.

get around netflix household

Method 5: Log in From the Account Holder's Wi-Fi

Since Netflix detects approved households primarily based on the Wi-Fi network, one suggested method is to physically go to the account holder's home and log in to Netflix while connected to their home Wi-Fi initially. Once you've logged in on that home network, Netflix will register your device as part of the approved household. You may then be able to continue accessing that Netflix session from other locations temporarily.

Method 6: Stick to the Mobile App

For now, Netflix's account sharing crackdown has been more focused on users attempting to access the service from TVs and streaming devices outside the household. There are reports that using the Netflix mobile apps on smartphones and tablets may still allow sharing access without extra verification steps, at least temporarily. So, sticking to the mobile apps could be an option, though Netflix may extend restrictions here as well in the future.

get around netflix household

Part 4: How to Download Netflix Videos Outside Household?

If you are outside the defined Netflix house and wish to download the videos for the offline mode, then you can use third-party tools. If you are interested, there is a special tool that is called CleverGet Netflix Downloader and it helps to download movies and TV shows from Netflix to your computer. All you need is an active Netflix account that you can log into using a web browser on your computer.

  • CleverGet Netflix Downloader
  • CleverGet Netflix Downloader

    - Enable users to download movies, TV shows, serials, etc. to MP4/MKV format.
    - Download 720P, 1080P Netflix HD videos without quality loss.
    - Support to download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons in batches.
    - Reserve multilingual subtitles and audio tracks.

CleverGet allows you to download your favourite shows and movies streaming at Netflix from another place apart from the primary address connected to the account. This can be useful especially when you have to travel or when you’re in an area with a bad connection.

Once you've installed CleverGet and logged in with your Netflix account, the software shows your entire Netflix library. You can then select which movies or TV show episodes you want to download. CleverGet also allows you to download entire seasons of shows in one go, saving you time. When downloading, you can choose the video quality, and format (like MP4 or MKV), and even pick which subtitles and audio languages you want included. After the download finishes, you'll have the Netflix videos saved on your computer, ready for you to watch offline whenever and wherever you are.

Part 5: FAQs

Q1. Can you bypass the Netflix household?

To avoid the Netflix password-sharing reduction strategy, you require a VPN directing your connection via your home's Netflix server. Remote users will connect and it will appear to Netflix that the clients are logged in from home and give all of them the same IP.

Q2. How will Netflix know who is in your household?

Netflix utilises information like your IP address, device identity number, and account activity to assess if the device signed into your account is a part of your Netflix Household. They do not capture GPS data to attempt to figure out the exact geographical location of your devices.

Q3. Can you get around Netflix's household?

Yes, there are ways to get around the Netflix household rule. With these methods, there will be no more need for sharing passwords. You can avoid using Smart TVs, for instance, or try any VPN which allows several people to remotely share the same IP.

Q4. How does Netflix know you are sharing?

Password sharing is easily noted on Netflix since the company examines the IP addresses, the device IDs, and the frequency of usage to find out that some persons are sharing an account with others.



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