As one of the best media players to play comprehensive playback solutions, VLC Media Player seems to be the representative while talking about media players, especially for Windows users. You can obtain a variety of features and functions within VLC Media Player. In most cases, VLC is perfect to be adopted as the firm choice. However, VLC crashing problems may have disappointed some users, especially when you are playing some HD format videos, such as MKV. If your VLC Media Player keeps crashing, there must be some internal causes for this issue. In this post, our discussion will be put forward by focusing on VLC player crashing.

Part 1: Why Does VLC Crash on PC

Although today's computer configuration is getting higher and higher, there are also many low-profile models. The entry-level computer has poor performance, and there are more applications installed in the later stage. The memory or CPU will not be used enough, so it is easy to appear. The computer is getting slower and slower, causing many applications on the computer to crash inadvertently. You might be convinced by the following aspects as well for the causes of the VLC crashing problem.

1. You have installed too many applications which resulted in serious memory occupation on your computer. Nowadays, many applications are installed on the computer which may usually keep running in the background. After each application is installed, it will occupy system memory, more and more applications will be installed, and the memory used will become larger and larger which can definitely affect VLC Media Player's running performance.

2. Too many computer junk and cache files. After using the computer for a long time, it will generate various cache files, which occupy the memory and storage space of the PC. In addition, the application software, game installation package and upgrade package will also generate various cache files. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will occupy the volume capacity. While trying to delete the cache files, you must pay more attention that doesn't delete the required system files for VLC Media Player, or you will fail to play the program without any doubts.

3. Your computer has been invaded by viruses. Make sure your computer has been well protected with the antivirus programs which can be able to prevent your VLC Media Player from been invaded by the malicious viruses. Reconsider before downloading any piece of application software.


Part 2: How to Fix VLC Crash

Well, actually the reason list for the VLC crashing issues is to be continued. Now, the question is how to prevent VLC player from crashing. In the urgent cases, you can try the following steps respectively.

Solution 1. Reset VLC Media Player

Sometimes, if you have changed some settings of VLC Media Player, it may result in the failure of playing playbacks smoothly. If your VLC Media Player has just crashed, just try to reset the preferences of VLC. Open the player and locate the “Interface” preferences settings. On the Interface Settings panel, you can find the option of “Reset Preferences” at the bottom. Click the option and reopen VLC Media Player to make another try. In a more simple way, you can press the hotkeys Ctrl + P to call out the Reset Preferences choice.

how-to-fix-crash 1

Solution 2. Fix corrupted video files

Apart from the computer’s parameters and VLC Media player, you need to make sure that the video files you are playing on VLC Media Player are not corrupted or damaged. If you are playing a scratched DVD disc with the help of VLC Media Player, you have to clean the scratched disc ahead and pay attention to the internal disc drive. If you are playing the digital video files which have been damaged, adopt a powerful video repair tool to make it work correctly.

Solution 3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

In order to speed up VLC Media Player and offer better playback performance, the “Hardware Acceleration” is usually enabled. But it is not playing the positive all the time. Try to disable the setting because the VLC crashing issue may appear when the hardware acceleration is used on an incompatible system. Simply press keys Ctrl + P and click “Input/Codecs”, then you can see the “Hardware Acceleration Decoding” option. Disable it then and save the change.

how-to-fix-crash 2

Solution 4. Reinstall VLC Media Player

The crashing problem may occur when some of the important system information of VLC Media Player has been lost or damaged. In order to avoid the cause, you can reinstall the program one more time. The process of reinstalling VLC Media Player is quite simple. To put it in a simple way, you only need to press “Windows Key + X”, then you can select “Apps and Features” where you can find VLC Media Player on the list. Choose it and you can click “Uninstall” option. Wait patiently and the program will be uninstalled from your computer. Now what you have to do is to reinstall the program by following the instructions on the screen step by step. Once it has been installed again, try to open it and load the digital media files.

how-to-fix-crash 3

Part 3: 4 Alternative Players to VLC

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and your VLC Media Player keeps crashing, you can refer to another easier way to solve the problem. Asides from VLC Media Player, you can find a lot of VLC alternatives that is possible to avoid the annoying crashing problems. If you are accessing the Internet now, then you can download the following alternative player to VLC to open and play the multimedia content at hand.

No. 1 Leawo Blu-ray Player

First of all, Leawo Blu-ray Player could be added to your list. This is a 6-in-1 comprehensive media player. Leawo Blu-ray Player supports more than 180 digital video and audio formats as well as various physical disc playback solutions no matter they have been protected by DRM or region codes. With the advanced audio and picture processing technology, you can obtain the fantastic cinema-like viewing experience at home with the superior quality retained. Without any buffering or stuttering problems, Leawo Blu-ray Player is quite excellent in presenting the videos in a more personalized way. Besides, Leawo Blu-ray Player’s practical bonus features including useful power manager, customizable skin, multiple languages, snap screenshots, especially virtual remote controller makes it a better choice for all playback choice.

No. 2 Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

Aside from the free Blu-ray Players that has the capability of play multimedia content without crashing problem, some chargeable media players are quite excellent choices for you, such as Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player. This media player can be used as a region free 4K Blu-ray player which can also enable you to freely play 4K, 1080P and other common digital videos in different regions. With the capability to offer the excellent audio effects which are compatible with AAC, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1/7.1 channel audio, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player can be a worthy player to meet your advanced requirements. But this player is only designed to play Blu-ray, 4K, ISO files, not the DVD or CD discs included.


No. 3 Elemedia Video Player

If you have the requirements to play videos on Mac, Elemedia Video Player can be another good option for you to offer the smooth playback solutions. You can easily obtain the HD video playback supports from Elemedia Video Player with ease and accuracy. What’s worth mentioning about Elemedia Video Player is that it is quite excellent in playing M4V files on MAC. You are also allowed to play audio track including external subtitle files. If you prefer to further edit the videos, then Elemedia Video Player would allow you to rotate, change aspect ratio of the videos. Unless you have bought the advanced version of the player, you may receive ads from time to time.


No.4 DVDFab Media Player

Last of all, if you are a HD movie lover and you prefer to enjoy all kinds of UHD movie viewing experience, then you should not miss DVDFab Media Player. It is powerful in providing solutions for the 4K, UHD, DVD, Blu-ray and ISO image files as well as various multimedia formats videos. You can easily enjoy its functions in menu support which can be able to offer you the navigation menu type support for Blu-ray videos. With simple and intuitive interface, users are free to change multiple sets of designed skins based on your preferences. But you may fail to get the customized settings from it.


Part 4: Conclusion

Playing videos on VLC can be a quite convenient way to enjoy the fantastic movies you prefer. Usually, VLC Media Player can be used as the default media player for most people. However, if you frequently encounter the VLC crashing problem, you can simply turn your eyes to other alternative players for your further references.