Today, the film industry has developed rapidly. Every month, there are quite a few great movies released around the world. If people want a quick sneak peek, they're going to have to go to a theater to see the latest movie. However, various movie sites also list these newest movies shortly after they are released. People can enjoy these new movies in these movie websites or application software through the Internet. Of course, if we download these movies from the website, and then use the super large TV screen at home to play them offline, we can get almost the same movie-watching experience as watching movies in the cinema. However, people often lack a downloader that can help them download movies. If you are reading this article because of this problem, then you really read it right! In this article, I will introduce you the best movie downloader software, App for Android or iOS and online sites.

Part 1: Best Movie Downloader Software

At present, the penetration rate of computers is already very high. Using a computer to watch movies has become an important way of entertainment in many people's lives. People can not only watch movies online on video sites, but also use the media player in the computer to play downloaded movies offline. A friend around me complained to me that his movie downloader cannot support all video sites, and he needs to install multiple movie downloaders in his computer to meet his downloading needs. Then, the movie downloader I recommend next is the best movies downloader app for pc in my opinion, because it supports almost all video websites and can download videos from it. It is CleverGet. As the best movie and tv show downloader, CleverGet can download up to 8K resolution TV shows, live videos and music videos from 1000+ websites, whether popular or not, such as: downloading private YouTube videos without access from YouTube.

Downloading public, free movies from tube sites is just a common feature of CleverGet. What's even more surprising is that CleverGet can download paid videos from paid platforms, such as: As the best Disney+ downloader, CleverGet can easily download TV episodes, shows and other videos from Disney+, and the resolution of these videos can be Up to 1080P. In addition, CleverGet also has a built-in browser. Users can directly access video websites in the CleverGet client. What's more, CleverGet is able to download videos in batches, and it downloads videos 6 times faster than ordinary video downloading software. In addition, CleverGet can automatically remove ads from the source video so that users can watch without interruption.

  • CleverGet YouTube to MP4 Downloader
  • CleverGet Movie Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
    2. Download Live Stream Videos from YouTube Live and Others
    3. Up to 8K UHD Video Downloading with 320 kbps Audio Quality
    4. Smarter Downloading Settings
    5. 1-Click to Play Downloaded Videos
    6. Provide Precise Video Info


  • It can download movies from 1000+ video sites
  • The download speed is fast
  • Download videos in batches
  • It can automatically remove advertisements
  • Safe service with security guaranteed


  • Fees are required.

Part 2: Best Movie Downloader App

There is no doubt that now is the age of the smartphone. Currently popular video sites develop Apps that can run smoothly on Android and iOS devices. For example, YouTube has dedicated Apps on both Android and iOS devices to provide users with handheld video playback services. Of course, more and more people are also keen to watch movies on their smartphones. However, when people use their smartphones to watch movies on popular websites, they need their smartphones to be connected to the Internet at all times, otherwise the video playback will be interrupted due to unstable or disconnected networks. Therefore, we'd better download these movies to the mobile phone in advance to avoid these problems perfectly. Below I will introduce to you what I think is best movies downloader for Android and best movie downloader for iPhone.

1. Movie Downloader

The reason why I think Movie Downloader is the best movies downloader for Android is because people can directly use it to find and download the movies they want to watch. Movie Downloader will occasionally list the current popular and latest movies in the App. Open the Movie Downloader App in the mobile phone, and people can see the information of these movies. Movie Downloader also has a built-in search function for people to find movies they want to download and watch.

In addition, Movie Downloader adds tags to different types of movies. People can filter out the types of movies they want to watch based on tags. However, the shortcomings of Movie Downloader are also very obvious. There are a lot of advertisements in the Movie Downloader App, and it will force the user to download the application that the user does not want to download. Also, some movies downloaded by Movie Downloader don't have subtitles.


  • The download speed is fast
  • With powerful built-in functions


  • There are many advertisements in the app, forcing users to download software
  • Limited movie resources
  • Downloaded movies without subtitles

2. iDownloader

iDownloader is not only the best movie downloader for iPhone, but also the best movie downloader for Mac, because as long as it is an Apple smart device, it can be installed in the device and use its services. As an efficient and easy-to-use free movie downloader Mac, iDownloader can directly download files from video sites to iPhone or iPad. At the same time, iDownloader can download multiple files at one time, and has a built-in file manager and viewer, which is convenient for users to manage the files.

Besides, iDownloader supports videos in many formats, and the downloaded videos usually have high video quality. Of course, iDownloader also has some disadvantages. For example: iDownloader only serves users of Apple's products, and devices with other systems cannot use it. In addition, iDownloader supports limited websites, and it cannot download videos from all websites.


  • Download videos in batches
  • Built-in file manager and viewer
  • Supports downloading videos in multiple formats
  • Downloaded videos usually have high video quality


  • It only serves users of Apple's products
  • Supported websites are limited
  • Slow download speed
  • Downloading videos sometimes fails

Part 3: Best Movie Downloader Online

The movies downloaders mentioned above all require people to download the installation package and install it on the device. Of course, there are also many websites that can provide users with free video download services. Among many websites, I think smallseotools is the best movie downloader online website among them. As long as your device can connect to the Internet and a browser is installed, you can use its services.

As a free movie downloader, although smallseotools does not support many websites for downloading videos, it includes some of the most popular websites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, smallseotools is capable of downloading movies to formats like mp4, MOV, WMV, and AVI. However, it is worth noting that in the process of using smallseotools, it requires you to give it permission to read and write hard drives. This may have certain security issues. smallseotools cannot guarantee that it will not compromise users' privacy.


  • Completely free service
  • Download movies from popular video sites
  • Movies can be downloaded in various formats


  • You need to use a browser
  • You need to ensure a stable network connection
  • The download speed is slow
  • There are security issues
  • Sometimes there are errors in downloading movies and the download fails

Part 4: Comparison of Best Movie Downloaders

Now, you may be hesitating which movie downloader you should choose. Then, I will use the table to compare the above four movie downloaders, hoping to help you make a choice.

Features CleverGet Movie Downloader iDownloader smallseotools
Supported sites 1000+ 100+ 100+ 100+
Batch download × ×
Safety ×
Built-in browser × × ×
Advertisement × ×
Movie quality Up to 4K 1080P 720P 720P
Download stability × × ×
Lossless download × × ×
Download speed Fast Medium Slow Slow

By comparison, we can find that both movie downloader apps and movie downloader online sites have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although online movie download sites are not only free and the operation steps for downloading movies are simple, but there are not many websites that can support downloading, and their security is questioned. No one is willing to expose their privacy to these unknown websites so easily. The movie downloader app mainly serves smartphone users, helping people to download movies offline through their mobile phones. However, the movie files downloaded by people using these movie downloader apps can only be opened by these apps and cannot be played by other media players. Of course, CleverGet doesn't have the problems of the above two movie downloaders. Its security is guaranteed, and downloaded movies can be played by most media players. In addition, CleverGet has other advantages that the above two movie downloaders do not have. So, I wouldn't say that CleverGet is the best of the three movie downloaders, but it's true. I highly recommend you to use CleverGet to download movies.