Webex is a platform for online meetings, which also offers the function of publishing and watching the prerecorded webinars. The webinars published by Webex come in .ARF file extension. That means webinars are the files with .ARF file extension, which includes the video data, the table of content, the attendee list, and other related content. In this article, we are going to show you how to open and convert .ARF file with ease.

Part 1: What is ARF files?

ARF file is an advanced recording format, the file comes with .ARF file extension is a recording file including the content of online meeting which is downloaded from Webex. The recording works based on networking and the video data, the table of contents, the attendee list as well as other information are saved to the separate panels. Webex Recordings come in WRF files when users make a recording of Webex sessions. However, ARF files are usually used for the downloaded recordings.


Part 2: How to open ARF file with Webex Player

ARF file can be played with Webex Network Recording Player on Windows and Mac. If you find any problem with opening ARF file in Webex Network Recording Player, an error message will be prompted, such as “Unknown file format”. In this case, you have to get the Network Recording Player updated and then have a try again. Hereby, you can follow the specific steps as below to open the ARF file via Webex Network Recording Player.

Step 1. Enter Webex homepage of “Play a Recording”.

Step 2. Click to the link “Download the .ARF player” to get the Network Recording Player program downloaded and installed on your computer.

Step3. Have a double-click on icon button “the Network Recording Player” to get the program opened.

Step 4. Click to “File” option from the toolbar on the Network Recording Player and then choose “Open” option.

Step 5. Choose .ARF file from your computer to get the .ARF file opened.


Part 3: How to convert ARF file with Webex Player

Webex Network Recording Player is able to convert ARF files into the commonly used video file format. You can firstly open ARF file in Network Recording Player, then click on the option File > Convert Format in the menu and choose the output video file format as WMV, MP4 or SWF.

If you still have no idea of how to convert ARF files to other formats as you need via Webex Player. Here you can follow the specific steps as below to learn how to convert ARF file into MP4 format.

1. Get the .ARF file exported from Webex

Click on My Webex and choose My Files, then select the option My Recordings. After that, you can choose the recording in the page of My Recordings. You can choose More and choose Download from the recording.

Also, you can choose the name of recording from the recording list. Once the page of Recording Information shows up, choose the link from the field Download recording.

Then the downloaded file will be stored in the ARF file format from Webex.


2. The installation of Webex Network Recording Player

Login Webex and then enter Meeting Center, click on Support, and then choose Downloads. Afterwards, choose Recorder and Players option, then select Recording and Playback.

3. Then conversion of ARF file format to MP4 format

Get the ARF file opened via Webex player. Then the ARF will be played at once, you can click to Pause to stop the playback. Enter File menu, choose Convert Format option, then choose the MP4 format. Then a pop-up dialog box can be seen and you can specify the file output file name. Choose immediate conversion, then hit on OK button to start the conversion process.

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