Apple iPhone is known to come with very powerful and advanced cameras, capable of recording high-quality videos (up to 4K, at 60 FPS). More so, smartphones are easier to carry around than dedicated rigs like DSLR, or prosumer cameras. This makes the iPhone the ultimate choice for vlogging (video blogging in full). We tried vlogging with iPhone XR, and the results were spectacular. In this guide, we will discuss a bit more about how to vlog.

Part 1: How to make a vlog with iPhone

Vlogging with iPhone 11, or any iPhone for that matter is not only convenient but will also give you terrific results. This is primarily because of the minimal knowledge requirements of video recording, editing, and uploading. Even if you totally have no idea of doing so, you can learn to do so in less than 10 minutes and we will now show you how to do just that.


1. First of all is the audio setup. Newer iPhone models like the Xr, Xs and 11 series offer superior microphones that can record superior and smooth audio. Older iPhones are not so fortunate to have this advantage, but do not give up yet as you can purchase third party microphones like the cheap Boya BY-M1 or the more professional but expensive Shure MV88.

2. Second is shooting the videos. Is it going to be a walking or talking vlog? Well, a smartphone tripod adaptor clamp and a tripod are recommended investments. In order to avoid shaky videos, a gimbal is also recommended as it will help to stabilize your videos.

3. Music. A vlog can do with some great background music, although this is optional. If you want free music, you can hear over and use the Free Music Archive to find appropriate tracks for your vlogs.

4. Video editing. Just like recording the videos, editing is just as important as it will get to define your vlog video. We will talk more about video editing apps in the next section of this article. You can also take time to design an appropriate thumbnail to attract viewers.

5. Uploading the vlog. When all the hard work is done, the final step is to let some viewers watch your video. It will be up to you if you wish to publish the video online or not. The most popular video websites are for vlogs are YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch (for gamers), and many more countless sites.

Part 2: 10 best free vlog editor apps for iPhone

We gave you a general idea of how to make a vlog, with the iPhone’s great camera. However, a vlog is not complete without sufficient editing. Although there are many dedicated video editing apps to choose from, only a handful of them is going to provide you with the tools you need, and below is a list of the best apps for vlog editing on the iPhone.

1.Quick. This editing app comes with 23 themes available, which contain built-in transitions and graphics which can easily be applied to any video imported into the application. You can share 720p and 1080p vlog videos with this app.

2.Clips. This app was developed by Apple, and it enables you to create and edit videos from your library. If you like Animoji and Memoji on your vlog videos, then this is the app for you. More so, it has themes and graphics that you can apply to your videos.

3.Videoshop. This powerful app will let you perform a plethora of operations on your videos, and it can give you the ability to shoot the videos directly in the application. You can add tilt-shift to videos, as well as filters, themes, titles, author names and much more.

4.Magisto Video Editor. Powered by AI, video editing in this app is rather semi-automatic which makes it much more easier for inexperienced editors and when you really do not have enough time for editing. This is enabled by the “Smart Editing style” built into the app.

5.Adobe Premiere Rush. Apart from editing videos, you can also use this app to record high-resolution videos. With this app, you can enhance colors, overlay graphic elements over images and much more. Although it comes with neat and free features, you have to fork-out about $10 for more advanced features.

6.Splice. This video editing app is from GoPro, and you can import your images and videos from your library to make them into a neat video. You can crop, add music, add effects, add text to the videos, as well as adding transitions between the highlighted areas.

7.InShot. Besides offering decent and advanced video editing tools, this app can also edit photos that you will be able to add to the videos. It also has audio editing features, as well as voice-overs which make it good for vlog videos.

8.Cameo. This app is from Vimeo, and although the video editing capabilities are basic, the interface is very clean and intuitive especially if you wish to perform just a few vlog editing tasks. You can add themes, as well as music and text to the videos.

9.Anchor Videos. Primarily, this app’s purpose is to create podcasts, however, it has video creating technologies built-in. In fact, it has the best recording capabilities in this regard, because it can use the iPhone’s built-in microphone to the fullest potential. This makes it perfect for vlogs with a lot of narration.

10.Vizmato. This app is like a pro HD video recorder. You can apply effects, themes, filters, as well as text with some cool stickers. You can also choose from over 140 royalty-free songs for your vlog videos when using this app.

Part 3: How to transfer your video from iPhone to PC efficiently

We showed you how to vlog, and how to make a vlog with iPhone but we believe that there is always a reason to transfer the video(s) or app data to your computer after you have finished. Perhaps you could want to use advanced computer video editors, back up the videos or the vlog app data, and any other possible reason. This brings us to Leawo iTransfer. This professional software is a polished and refined tool for managing files on your iPhone or any other iOS-based device (all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod). It will give you the ability to transfer 12 kinds of data which include your vlog videos, apps, and their data, music, photos, SMS. contacts etc. A very unique feature of Leawo iTransfer, which sets it apart from competing software is its ability to edit the iTunes library without having to delete everything, which is the case with iTunes. When all of us start a job, we want to finish it in the quickest time possible, and this software comes with advanced scanning and transfer technologies which will enable very fast and efficient moving of data between computers and iOS devices. We have a clear understanding of your safety and privacy, and safety protection comes standard with this professional software, which means your data will not be leaked or altered in any way unless you choose to do so. Our aim is to create software that everyone can use, and we designed iTransfer with users in mind. The results were an application that has a very simple and intuitive UI benefit of the user. To transfer your vlog videos, as well as vlog app data to your computer by using this application, download and install this application.

Download Windows Version

Download Mac Version

Step 1: First connect your iPhone device to the computer via USB. The software will automatically recognize your device, and the libraries (which include movies, apps, messages, music, podcasts, TV shows and ringtones) will be shown on the left sidebar. The picture below shows an iPhone 4s detected by the software, with the libraries on the left.

main interface

Step 2: Choose the vlog data you wish to backup. On the left sidebar, click “App” or “Photos” depending on where the vlog video(s) are saved. On Windows computers, hold the “Ctrl” key and click to select the files, and on Mac computers, hold the “Command” key and click to select the files you wish to backup. On Windows computers, right-click and under “Transfer To:” select My Computer which is where you will save the backup. On Mac computers, right-click the selected files and choose Transfer To> My Computer.

transfer to

Step 3: Specify the output folder. After you have selected your vlog file(s) and clicked “My Computer” to perform a backup from the previous menu, a pop-up dialogue will show. Check “Save to folder:” followed by clicking “Change” to select the output folder. When you have finished selecting the output folder, click “Transfer Now” to begin backing up your data.

output folder

Step 4: Let your vlog file(s) finish backing up. The progress bar will show you the overall percentage. If you wish to abort the process, click “Stop”. While your iPhone is connected to the computer, make sure not to disconnect it until it has finished.

transfer process

Besides, maybe you want to know how to transfer files from computer to iPhone as well. Just check our another tutorial for more details!