The iPhone is a product that has completely revolutionized the smartphone industry, since it basically sets the standard for other smartphone manufacturers who have been drawing inspiration from it. It is the first real smartphone that people liked and fell in love with. If we look at Apple’s bold move of removing the headphone jack with the release of the iPhone 7 series, many people highly criticized this move. Some YouTubers even made mods to try bring back the headphone jack, but now all major smartphone manufacturers have followed suite. Apple’s vision is for a truly wireless experience which is primarily the reason why they removed it, and now there is a trend to move to a wireless society from all major smartphone manufacturers.
After the first iPhone was unveiled, smartphone manufacturers quickly adopted slick candy-bar shaped frames with touch screens. Google is even said to have rebuild its famous Android phone from the ground up after Apple’s keynote of the iPhone. For these reasons and many others, Apple has sold over a billion iPhones to date which is why they are so popular. Probably more than anything else, our smartphones hold almost all our data from precious pictures, videos, music, contacts, calendars, messages and much more.

So what happens if you do not back up your iPhone? Due to uncontrolled circumstances, for example, when you lose your phone due to an uncontrolled disaster or theft, or even when you decide to change it completely, you are at risk of losing your data if you do not back it up. We will give you reasons why you should backup your data below.


Part 1: 5 Advantages of backing up iPhone data

So why should you backup your iPhone data? The five advantages below explain why.

1. Do not lose your productivity because cannot open your files
Sure you can recover all your excel, word or PowerPoint documents. But how will you open those documents without document viewer/ processing apps? Sure you will have your pictures, but what if you wish to edit them using a familiar app that is not there anymore? Sure you can re-download the apps again but it will waste precious time and can mess with your productivity.

2. Do not look confused because of different phone settings
When you start with a new iPhone, you automatically have to set up the device again. You have to set up Face ID or Touch ID again which can consume time. You have to set up the iCloud Photo Library which always has many toggles, and what if you forget one of them? Your sound settings are also gone and basically the phone will be unfamiliar and that could be a bad experience.

3. Do not be stressed because your precious memories are missing
Photos, music, movies or calendars hold our most precious memories and losing them can be so devastating and stressful. Even when they are saved to the cloud, waiting for them to download again can seem like taking forever.

4. Do not be haunted by your mistakes
As human beings, we are prone to making mistakes because we are not perfect. Your data is like money, and if you mistakenly lose something it can end up stressing you.

5. Do not lose your peace of mind
The above-mentioned reasons can happen if you do not back up your data. But if you regularly backup your data, you can always rest assured that your precious data is safe hence giving you peace of mind.

Part 2: Top 3 iPhone transfer software

Now that we have explained why data backup is necessary, we will proceed to recommend 3 great software applications that you can use to backup and transfer your iPhone data to your PC or Mac computer.

Number 1: Leawo iTransfer
This software is simply the best iOS manager because it is multifunctional. It allows you to manage your iPhone data on your computer by allowing you to copy the data to and from your computer, it allows you to manage/ edit your iTunes library without erasing everything, and it allows you to make backups. Leawo iTransfer also takes the lead because it is the fastest software in its category.

Leawo iTransfer

Number 2: iMobie AnyTrans
It is also a software much like Leawo iTransfer which can manage your iPhone data by allowing you to make backups, as well as syncing your app data. It can even integrate with iCloud to manage your iPhone’s online storage, and can download web videos straight to your device although this is not much of a big deal. However, the biggest problem with AnyTrans is that it cannot edit the iTunes library for whatever reason. You can transfer multiple files, but if they are too many the whole process becomes very slow although it is still worth consideration.

iMobie AnyTrans

Number 2: IOTransfer
This is also another easy application to use if you want to manage your iPhone as well as other iOS device data in a way that is very convenient. The greatest feature about this software is its automatic sync right after content transfer which will enable you immediate access to your files. It also has a deep phone scanner and cleaner in case your phone is full of junk you want to get rid of. However, it has fewer features in comparison to the other 2 software tools mentioned above, and backing up larger files is also considerably slower.


Part 3: Best iPhone transfer software – Leawo iTransfer

As was briefly introduced above, Leawo iTransfer is a multifunctional file browser, transfer and manager for your iOS-enabled devices including your iPhone which is available for PCs and Macs. It is the best software in its category because it is advanced, yet very easy to use and also has higher security assurance to protect your precious data.
This software has the outstanding performance to provide perfect and easy to use solutions for transferring as well as backing up your app data, photos, contacts, calendars, call history and more between your computer and the iOS device. Leawo iTransfer can directly manage your iTunes library (add, remove or edit) within the software, and the great news is that iTunes will not even erase everything for this process. Designed with users in mind, this software boats a very simple and clean user interface. When you connect your iPhone or any other iOS-enabled device, it is automatically detected. To backup your iPhone data, download and install the software then follow the steps below.

Step 1: First connect your iPhone to the computer via one of the USB ports
Your iPhone will automatically be detected, and the libraries (which include movie, apps, messages, music, podcasts, TV shows and ringtones) will be shown on the left sidebar.

Leawo iTransfer main interface

Step 2: Choose the files you wish to backup
Select the library you wish to backup on the left sidebar, select the files you wish to transfer. Hold the “Ctrl” key and click to select the files you wish to backup on Windows computers. On Mac computers, hold the “Command” key and click to select the files you wish to backup. On Windows computers, right-click and under “Transfer To:” select My Computer which is where you will save the backup. On Mac computers, right-click the selected files and choose Transfer To> My Computer.

selecting files for transfer

Step 3: Choose the output folder
When you finish selecting your files and clicking “My Computer” to backup your iPhone data from the previous menu, a pop-up dialogue will show. Check “Save to folder:” followed by clicking “Change” to select the output folder. Once you have finished selecting the output folder, click “Transfer Now” to begin transferring your files.

Leawo iTransfer output folder

Step 4: Wait for the backup to finish
The progress bar will show you the percentage of the backup process. If you wish to cancel, click “Stop”. Wait for the process to finish and make sure not to disconnect your iPhone during the backup process.

Leawo iTransfer transfer process

Backing up your iPhone is a very important thing to do as we have explained why data backup is necessary, so that you can always have a copy of your data in case your device gets lost, replaced or gets damaged by whatever reason. Leawo iTransfer makes that process much easier and faster as you can always transfer your data to and from your computer to your iPhone. Even more is the ability of this software to manage your iTunes library without having to wait for iTunes to erase everything from the phone. This software is also constantly updated to meet the requirements of newer and updated technologies and it is highly recommended for this job. AnyTrans is a software that can also be used, but it’s the inability to edit the iTunes library can make it unworthy of use in the case of backing up your data. IOTransfer is also another software worth considering, but it has fewer features in comparison to Leawo iTransfer and AnyTrans.