Christmas will approach on this Friday, and I wish you all a merry Christmas a happy New Year! If you are celebrating the holiday season at home, you will want to save several movies for an enjoyment during Christmas. Whether the classic ones or new releases, you will have you specific selections. This post in general, will introduce the best movies of all time to watch during the holiday season. Check it out if you are interested.

Best Movies to Watch on Christmas Season 2015

Classic Christmas Movies

1. Arthur Christmas

This movie probably answers the question that most children may have: How Does Santa send gifts to all children in the world in one night? If you have kids at home, this movie will be a great choice when your child want to watch a Christmas movie, because it will both attract your kids and you. The movie tells a story about Santa and his son, Arthur, who have to accomplish a difficult mission.

2. Batman Returns

Why this movie is in Christmas movie list? Because The Penguin prayed for a Christmas goodwill to become mayor and Max Shreck described as “Gotham’s own Santa Claus”. This movie is the second and last of Tim Burton’s Batman series, and it introduces Catwoman in this movie. If you like Batman series, this one will be a good choice on Christmas.

3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr is an attraction of many fans. Besides Tony Stark, he has played many impressive roles in different movies. In this Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he acts as a burglar, and gets involved in the middle of a murder of his high-school dream girl. If you are interested in this kind, this movie won’t let you down.

4. Bad Santa

This is a comedy, but also a crime-theme movie. The movie tells a heavy-drinker named Willie who only works once a year, dressed as Santa Claus. The heroine and his helper get involved in a robbery, and a messed-up Christmas. Will they make it to next Christmas? Check this movie out to see what happens.

5. Home Alone

Hmm, very classic movie series. You can watch them again to lose yourself in laughter. The movies are of course about the kid who stayed home alone, and protected himself from the burglars, you may have been very familiar with the plots, but watching them during the holiday season will still bring you a lot of fun.

New Releases Around Christmas 2015

6. Christmas Eve

Note that this movie is released in limited districts, so please check out whether it is available in your local cinema. The comedy is about six groups of New Yorkers in elevators on Christmas Eve, and they bring laughter to all audiences. Of course, besides laughter, people will also get touched in this movie, so if you are interested, just check it out.

7. Sisters

This movie is rated R, so please don’t take your children to watch it. This movie is about two sisters who go home to clean out their childhood belongings before their parents sell the house. The memories and past come out when the sisters look at their stuff, and what they have caused during the glory high school life.

8. The Big Short

This movie is based on a true story. When the four outsiders see what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of economy, they have an idea: the Big Short. But when they get deeper inside banking, they must question everything and everyone. The fact is the darkness within banking is cruel and somber.

9. The Hateful Eight

This movie is set six or eight years after the civil war. A bounty hunter and his fugitive are going to the town of Red Rock, who happen to meet two strangers along the way. Then the four go to a stopover, where four other strangers show up. This movie is going to be fierce and violent, so it is rated R. It is going to be released on December 25, and you may not want to miss it.

10. Star Wars: the Force Awakens

So many fans of Star Wars are waiting for the latest sequel of the greatest-of-all-time sci-fi movie. Now it has arrived in the cinemas. The movie, needless to say, is much more advanced in technology, so the audiences will have much better visual experience. If you are a die-hard fan of Star Wars, you will find lot of memories and surprises in this The Force Awakens.

Hope these movies will accompany you through the holiday season, if you want to play these Christmas movies on iPad, you can get the help tips from the linked post. And again, may you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!