How to Remove DRM-Encrypted eBook from Kobo desk APP?

For freely reading your favorite digital books on other desk APP or devices. Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac can help you to remove DRM from digital books and then convert to DRM-free files like epub, mobi, azw3, txt, etc. More importantly, Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac can preserve 100% quality of the original after removing the DRM. It is worth mentioning that the program is 50X faster in removing DRM and saving as DRM-free digital books’ format. That’s to say, your DRM-protected eBook will be converted in seconds.

Be the eBook from Kobo Desk APP or Kobo devices, Leawo Prof. DRM can help you remove DRM smoothly and fast. Following steps will tell you how easy it is to remove DRM.

Note: Before you launch Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac, you can check whether the books you want to convert are downloaded on the Kobo library. Or you can also go to “Finder>go >go for folder” and input the directory “~/library/Application Support/Kobo/Kepub”.

Step 1: Launch Leawo Prof. DRM

After launching Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac, four main modules will show to you on the interface. You can select the “eBook DRM Remover” to start to import your downloaded Kobo books to the program.

Step 2: Select the desired file

You can either directly drag-n-drop your downloaded files to the middle frame named “Drag eBook files here” or click “Add Files” button. After clicking the “Add Files” button, a new panel will pop up. Click the refresh icon on ”Kobo” button. All the downloaded books on your Kobo library will be listed on the right frame. Select the book you want to convert and click “Add” to import into the program.

Step 3: Set the output format

You can choose an eBook file to click button to view the detailed information and click the “edit” button to select one output format from epub, mobi, azw3, text.

Note: Here are two flexible buttons for you to choose on the same box. You can tap either “Apply to current” or “Apply to All” to apply the settings on the imported eBooks.

Step 4: Choose the output directory

Click “…” output button beside blue “Convert” button to select an output directory for saving DRM-free output eBook.

Step 5: Start to remove DRM from Kobo eBook

After setting the output directory, you can click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom for changing DRM-protected eBook from Kobo to DRM-free eBook. You can check eBook DRM removal and conversion process through the processing bar.

Part 2: Break DRM-protected book from Kobo Devices

If you have the Kobo device, you can refer to the following steps to get the DRM-free eBook.

Step 1: Connect Kobo to your computer

Connect your Kobo devices to your Mac via USB. After the drive shows on your desk, you can go to step 2.

Step 2: Import the file

After entering into “eBook DRM removal”, you can import the file by clicking “Add files” and then clicking refresh button on “E-Devices”. You will see the book showed on the right and select the book you want to remove DRM to add into this program.

After importing the file, the following steps are just as same as when you convert the books from Kobo desk APP. You can go for the step 4 above described to follow.

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