How to remove DRM from Spotify Music on Mac?

This Spotify DRM Remover for Mac serves as Spotify music converter and downloader to help users remove the DRM protection on Spotify music and save as common files in MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC for freely playing on different music players offline. In addition to keeping 100% quality of the original ones, Spotify DRM Remover also enables users to adjust audio Channel, Bit rate, Sample rate for a better quality output.

Tips: After you launch the Prof. DRM, Spotify will be automatically kicked off and you don’t need to open Spotify again.

Step 1: Add Spotify music to Spotify DRM Remover

After selecting Spotify DRM Remover, here are two different ways for you to import files. You can either drag albums or playlist at one time or drag and drop song one by one to the program.

Or you can click the “Add Files” button and a small box will pop up for leading you to copy the link of a song or a playlist from your Spotify account to the program.

Step 2: Set parameters for your output files

Select any song on the list to make edition. A new panel will be showed up after clicking the edit-like icon . You can freely choose your Format, Sample rate, Bit rate, and audio Channel.
And you can apply the setting by clicking "Apply to All" or "Apply to current".

Step 3: Choose an output directory

The output directory setting button is at the bottom of the interface. You can click the “Output “button to select an output path for saving the converted files.

Step 4: Start to remove DRM and download imported files

Press the blue button “Convert” at bottom right of the interface to start removing DRM on songs and save in common format.

Step 5: Check converted files

After a while, you can view the program and check the converted files by clicking "Converted" button. If you want to find the location of converted file, you can press the song until a file-like icon shows up and then click it to enter to the location or input the name of a song on the bottom left search box.

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