How to Remove DRM-Encrypted eBook from Adobe Digital Editions

As an all-round DRM Remover program, Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac consists of 4 main modules. One of the most powerful DRM remover modules is eBook DRM Remover, which is dedicated to breaking DRM-protection on eBooks and converting to DRM-free format for freely playback on various eBook apps. Three main eBook providers including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Adobe Digital Editionss protect their eBook with DRM. Even if you have purchased the book, you still can’t share with friends or other devices. With this program in hand, you can break the DRM protection from your Adobe books and convert to DRM-free eBooks at 50x speed. Users don’t need to worry about the quality of converted file. All the elements will be kept after converting, which ensures you to get the high quality enjoyment. The output files are also various including epub, mobi, azw3 and txt for flexible eBook management.

Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1: Launch the Adobe Digital Editions

Click the downloaded Adobe Digital Edition APP icon on your Mac, you can input your Adobe account to authorize to this computer.

Tips: If you want to find the path of the downloaded book, Here is the path “~/document/Digital Editions”.

Step 2: Import the file

Click “Add Files” and a new window will show up. You will see the ”Adobe” button on the right side bar. Click the refresh icon , all the downloaded books on your Adobe Digital Edition library will list on the right frame.

Step 3: Set the output format

You can right click one book from the list, this button will help you to check the detailed information of the file. Then you can click the “edit” button to select one output format from epub, mobi, azw3, text.

Tip: You can choose to apply selected output format to all the books on the list by ticking “Apply to All” or you can choose to “Apply to current”.

Step 4: Save the converted book

Make sure you have chosen the proper output path for saving those converted books by clicking “Output” button at the bottom.

Step 5: Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Edition

After all the settings are done, you can click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom for removing DRM-protection from Adobe and then converting to DRM-free format. The eBook DRM conversion process will be completed in seconds.

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