How to design disc menu and template

During burning video to Blu-ray/DVD movies, Leawo burners allow you to design disc menu and template if you like. Currently, three burners from Leawo allow you to burn video to Blu-ray/DVD. They are Leawo DVD Creator, Leawo Blu-ray Creator and Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate.

With Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate, once you have loaded source videos, click the burn-to-dvd-bluray-icon to enter the Burn to DVD & Blu-ray interface, then click customize-menu-button button to enter the disc menu design interface. While with Leawo Blu-ray Creator or Leawo DVD Creator, after you add source videos, click the design-menu-button on the upper-right corner of the right disc menu and template selecting panel to enter the Menu Designer interface. On the menu design interface, you are allowed to customize menu by means of Themes, Background, Button, Caption and Advanced. The below pictures are taken from Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate, but Leawo DVD Creator and Leawo Blu-ray Creator share the same content with Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate.

Design Menu Template

1. Under “Themes” option, you will get approach to many DVD and Blu-ray menu themes, and each theme contains lots of submenus, you can pick up one at your will.


2. Under “Background” option, you can freely choose DVD and Blu-ray background via Gallery, Color, Picture and Video.


a. Gallery: select one menu from Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others and set as background.

b. Color: there are three colors and you can take the color mixture as the background. Background Angle and Position can be adjusted.

c. Picture: load an image file from your PC to save as background.

d. Video: import a video file from your PC and save as background.

e. Background Music: add an audio file from your PC and set music file Duration. Set Loop Play mode for loop music playback. Click preview button to get instant preview listening and clear button to clear background music.


3. Under “Button” option, it allows you to choose specific Frame Style and Icon Style.


4. Under “Caption” option, click on one file on the preview area and input a new caption. Several caption properties like font, size, color, etc. can be adjusted.


5. Under “Advanced” option, you can make a decision on file name displaying on menu or not, number of chapters on each submenu. Style of the focused menu item also allowed being set. Choose Frame or Mark and then select the corresponding color or shape. After setting, the set items will display the corresponding effect with your mouse clicked on.


You can click Apply to all button to apply your settings to all files during each setting. In the new drop-down button, you can select to Save or Delete customized menu as you like. Click OK to finish disc menu design.

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