“Is a game not rated being banned on Twitch.tv? What games are not banned by Twitch.tv? I would like to stream gaming on Twitch.tv platform since it is the most popular game streaming platform in the world, but the problem is that I don’t know what games are allowed for streaming on Twitch.tv platform. What will happen to me if I stream a game that is not allowed on Twitch.tv platform? Will Twitch.tv platform suspend my account or even make my account dead? Please help me with all these questions.”

As one of the most popular game streaming platforms, Twitch.tv platform has attracted millions of game players streaming their gaming videos. Similar to other streaming websites, Twitch.tv also has its likes and dislikes. Twitch has its own Community Policies that regulates which games are allowed and which games are not allowed. It’s important to follow these rules, otherwise Twitch might suspend or even inactivate your account. This post will discuss what kind of games might get prohibited on Twitch and which games have been already banned. You will learn more about streaming gaming videos on Twitch.tv platform here.

Part 1: What Kind of Games May Be Prohibited on Twitch?

Before you start streaming gaming videos on Twitch.tv, you might need to know what kind of games could be streamed, whether or not the game you are going to stream is banned by Twitch, and what might happen to you if you stream Twitch banned games. Let’s firstly take a look at the rules of what kind of games might be prohibited on Twitch.tv from its Community Guidelines.

twitch banned games

According to the Community Guidelines of Twitch.tv platform, games that contain developer-generated content that is clearly violative, as well as social platform games frequently used for unmitigated abuse are not allowed on Twitch.

Actually, besides games themselves might be banned, other streaming behavior and contents are also strictly prohibited on Twitch. You could check these below:

Categary Contents
Potential damage to safety
  1. Self-destructive behavior.
  2. Violence and threats.
  3. Terrorism and violent extremism.
  4. Adult sexual violence and exploitation.
  5. Youth safety.
  6. Off-service conduct.
  7. Unauthorized sharing or using of private information.
Civility and respect
  1. Hateful conduct.
  2. Harrassment.
  3. Sexual harassment.
Illegal Activity
  1. Breaking the local, national or international law.
  2. Unauthorized use of Intellectual property rights.
Sensetive content
  1. Extreme violence, gore, and other obscene conduct.
  2. Sexually explicit content and sexual services.
  3. Sexually suggestive content.
  4. Adult nudity.
  5. Proper attire.
  6. Account username and display name.
  7. Prohibited gambling content.
  1. Impersonation of Twitch staff, celebrities, companies, or friends.
  2. Spam, scams, and other malicious conduct.
  3. Suspension evasion.
  4. Harmful misinformation actors.

Therefore, you could see that Twitch indeed pays much attention to the harmony of the community. When you plan to stream gaming video on Twitch.tv, be it live streaming or video uploading, make sure you have strictly followed the policies of Twitch community.

Part 2: What Games Are Banned on Twitch for Now?

Then, what games have been banned on Twitch.tv right now? Is there any Twitch banned games list available for you to check out before you try to stream game videos on Twitch? Well, if you plan to stream gaming videos on Twitch.tv, you’d better check the below list of games banned from Twitch.tv. Twitch.tv has officially announced these games banned on Twitch platform. It helps you avoid many unnecessary troubles.

Item Game Item Game Item Game
1 3DXChat 13 BMX XXX 25 Genital Jousting
2 All Randomized Video Chat Platforms 14 Cobra Club 26 Grezzo 1 & 2
3 Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3 15 Criminal Girls 27 13.Harem Party
4 Artificial Academy 1 & 2 16 Dramatical Murder 28 House Party
5 HuniePop 1 & 2 17 Ethnic Cleansing 29 HunieCam Studio
6 HuniePop 1 & 2 18 Rinse and Repeat 30 Second Life
7 Kamidori Alchemy Meister 19 Sakura Angels 31 The Guy Game
8 Negligee 20 Sakura Beach 1 & 2 32 The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno
9 Porno Studio Tycoon 21 Sakura Dungeon 33 What's Under Your Blanket!?
10 Purin to Ohuro 22 Sakura Fantasy 34 Witch Trainer
11 Purino Party 23 Sakura Santa 35 Yandere Simulator
12 Radiator 2 24 Sakura Spirit 36 Sakura Swim Club