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Everything You Should Know About Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME

Paramount Plus has something for everyone. As one of the most popular streaming services, Paramount Plus comes with various channels from sports and movies to music and comedy. It wins lots of accolades not only for its rich content but also for its low subscription fees. There are two plans to choose from, naming Paramount + with SHOWTIME Plan and Paramount+ Essential Plan. But how to choose between them? No worries. You can get a comprehensive understanding of Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME in this post.

Part 1: How much is Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME

Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME is considered as one of the most effective streaming plans compared with its contemporaries, such as the plans of Max and Discovery+. But how much is Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME exactly? Well, to gain access to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, you can pay once a month or once a year.


The monthly fee for Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME is as low as $11.99. But I would recommend a more affordable yearly plan, as it only costs $119.99, which means on average you pay only $9.99 per month.

Part 2: What are the Differences Between the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Plan and Paramount+ Essential Plan?

As mentioned above, there are now two plans available on Paramount Plus. What are the differences between them? They are different both in features and prices.
First, the prices are different. Paramount Plus Essential is cheaper than Paramount Plus SHOWTIME, costing only $5.99 per month.


Second, Paramount Plus Essential features are more limited. It delivers many on-demand originals, library content, and 24/7 live news but is not free from advertisements. Comparatively, Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME offers more than 31,000 hours of content, including premium series, hundreds of hit movies and Paramount Plus’s Live East Coast and West Coast feeds. Plus, you can get access to the content without annoying advertisements and enjoy videos at up to 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos sound.

Part 3: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Channels

More than ad-free and a massive library of content, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME also provides access to multiple channels. The Paramount+ with SHOWTIME includes multiple Live TV, such as East Coast and West Coast live feeds and ET Live, distinguishing itself from other competitors. If you like CBS programs, this plan is suitable for you. You can enjoy CBD, CBS News, CBS Sports HQ and CBS Sports Golazo Network within Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. Inside Edition can also be found.

Part 4: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME VS. Competitors

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle presents attractive features and prices, but there is no doubt that users are provided with too many options to enjoy high-quality content other than Paramount Plus, such as Max, Discovery+, Netflix, Hulu, etc. In this part, we will comprehensively compare Paramount+ with SHOWTIME and its competitors from price, library and the number of streams.





Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME


Paramount+: 30,000 hrs.
SHOWTIME: 600+ titles




5,400 titles




55,000 hours



$9.99–$20.99/month $99.99–$209.99/year

2,800 titles



$5.99–$11.99/month $59.99–$119.99/year

40,000–60,000 hours


Amazon Prime Video

$8.99–$14.99/month $139.00/year

25,000 titles




40,000 titles


The table above clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of Paramount+ with the SHOWTIME bundle. If you are the kind of person afraid of making choices among a few options, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is for you. You only need to decide on the payment frequency. The content library is relatively small but the categories are enough, from news and sports to movies and documentaries. Also, it exclusively provides live sports events from the NFL, PGA Tour and UEFA Champions League. Plus, the prices are very competitive.

Part 5: How do I Subscribe to the Paramount Plus and SHOWTIME Bundle?

How can you subscribe to the Paramount Plus? You can launch the Paramount+ app and tap “Sign up”. Then you will get an access code. Go to on a browser and enter the access code and select “Activate”.
Now as a Paramount+ subscriber, you can upgrade your plan to get SHOWTIME as part of your subscription. SHOWTIME bundle is available on the Paramount+ app and websites. If you subscribe to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan, remember to cancel your existing SHOWTIME streaming subscription to avoid double pay.????
Some users may ask “If I have SHOWTIME, do I get Paramount Plus?” or “If I have SHOWTIME, is Paramount Plus free?” The answers to them are both yes. Once you upgrade your plan to the SHOWTIME bundle, you get a larger collection of content and more features.

Part 6: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Channels

What can you find on Paramount Plus and SHOWTIME bundle? Paramount Plus includes many classic shows, such as Bar Rescue, Evil, Frasier, Star Trek series, Spongebob Squarepants, Big Brother, Love Island, Criminal Minds, etc., covering all TV series of all genres. Movie buffs can also find many good contents on it, including Legend of Leadbelly, Love and Monsters, Clerks, The Ring, and so on.


If you subscribe to Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME, you will find the following shows: The Affair, American Gigolo, Billions, Californication, VICE, and Super Pumped. In the movie section, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle comes with the following movies, Silence, Don’t Look Now, Lamb, Past Lives, Pearl, etc.
On Paramount Plus, you can find 30,000 hours of video contents while the SHOWTIME bundle offers 600+ premium titles.

Part 7: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Channels

With so much rich video content in it, Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME is such an attractive option. But it should be noted that Paramount Plus hasn’t provided a downloading feature by now. If you are always on the go, downloading movies or TV series on Paramount Plus for offline playback is a good way to kill time. That is why you need CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader. You can download an individual episode or the entire season based on your needs. But it won’t take you too long because Batch downloading is supported, saving you lots of time. While ensuring an efficient downloading, it delivers high-quality videos at up to 1080P, allowing you to immerse in the viewing. Paramount Plus videos can be saved to the most common MP4/MKV files, which can be played back on most players and devices. Plus, CleverGet supports saving multi-language audio tracks or subtitles separately.
After learning about this versatile program, let’s dive into the process of downloading Paramount Plus movies with CleverGet.

  • CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader
  • CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader

    -Support Paramount+ Movies and Shows Download
    -Download 720p/1080p Paramount+ HD Videos Without Quality Loss
    -Save Paramount Plus Movies in MP4 or MKV Files
    -Reserve Multi-Language Audio Track & Subtitles
    -Remux Subtitles to Video

Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader

You can download and install the program for free. The copyrighted software wards off malware or viruses, so make sure you download it from the CleverGet official website.


Step 2: Set output directory

CleverGet allows users to customize the output directory. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and then select “Setting”. Under the “General” tab, finish the output setting, such as the language, appearance, and max download tasks. After that, hit “Save” to confirm the setting.


Step 3: Search for target movies

Copy the link to the target movie and paste it into the URL bar in CleverGet. Then you should log in to your Paramount+ account. Enter your account and password to log in. Play the target video and then CleverGet will grab available content automatically.


Step 4: Download the video

Play the target movie. On the playback page, hit the blue download button at the bottom right corner to parse the video link. When video resources are detected, a “Download” panel will pop up with a list of videos in different qualities, frame rates and sizes. You can also decide the output file setting, such as the video, audio tracks, and output formats. You can even remux subtitles into the video or save them separately. After that, hit the “Download” button to start the downloading process.


Step 5: Check downloaded movie

During the downloading process, check the task progress in the sidebar by video or audio. You can cancel or stop the task anytime you want. When the downloading is finished, you can double-click the file to play it directly on the embedded web-player. If you want to locate the file, click "Open Folder" to find the file path.


With a few clicks, you can easily download movies from Paramount+ with SHOWTIME to local and enjoy them at your leisure.


In this article, we’ve shared everything you should know about Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME bundle, from its channels, content, prices to an overall comparison with its competitors. It can be concluded that it’s such a cost-effective option for most viewers, costing a low fee for a myriad of content. If you have the downloading demand, CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is highly recommended for its intuitive design, easy operation as well as stable functions. Take a try and enjoy a hassle-free Paramount Plus downloading experience.



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