How to Burn Music to DVD

DVD discs are mostly used for movie and music storage in daily uses. Music files with high quality would need to be stored in a DVD disc. How to make a music disc or how to burn music to DVD discs would be problems coming along with the prosperity of…

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How to burn MP3 to CD

MP3 music files have become more popular than CDs since the format is compatible with the majority of media players and devices. For people who owns a car or a CD player, listening to music on CDs is a common way to enjoy music. Burning MP3 to CD enables you…

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How to Burn AC3 to DVD?

AC3 stands for Audio Coding 3. It is a kind of surround audio file format that was created by Dolby Labs. With this format, people are allowed to enjoy more vivid movies and music. We often watch myriads of excellent movies and listen to music on internet. Sometimes we download…

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How to Convert VCR to DVD

VCR shorts for Video Cassette Recorder, which is a device for recording and storing videos by using blank video tape. Since 2000 or so, VCR has been basically obsoleted, replaced by DVD players. Because the average VCR tape has a lifetime of 15 years at the maximum, while on a…

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How to Burn FLAC to DVD?

FLAC is the abbreviation of Free Lossless Audio Codec, and it can be explained as lossless audio compression coding. In terms of quality, FLAC is superior to MP3 and WAV. In other words, it has 1:1 quality with the original CD and it could keep 99-100% of the sound quality.…

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How to Burn Audio Files to DVD

“Can I burn an audio CD on a DVD-R and have it behaved as a CD-R so I can play it in all cars and players?” DVD-R and DVD-RW are two wonderful media to store and transport music of far more storage capacity. Undoubtedly, more and more people have portable…

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