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The help center of Leawo DVD Creator provides shortcut for general customer services portals and troubleshooting. All the options in the help center are defined and explained here in case you have any confusion with them.

Click “Help” button to open the “Help Center” of Leawo DVD Creator for Mac.

a. Activate

Click Activate button to enter the registration code after you purchase the product to activate the program.

b. Purchase

Click Purchase button to buy the product for one-year or lifetime validation.

c. Home

Click Home button and it’ll take you to the product page of Leawo Software.

d. Tutorial

Click Tutorial button and it’ll take you to the page with user guide of different function modules on Prof. Media.

e. Support

Click Support button to go to the support page of Leawo Software where you can find some FAQs and user guides

f. Bug Report

If you came across some bugs during usage, click Bug Report button to send a feedback to us and we’ll fix them as soon as possible. You’ll need to put in your name, E-mail address, description of the bug and if some specific files are involved, the files.

g. Feedback

Click Feedback button to give your feedback on our product.

h. Rate it

Click Rate It to rate and comment on the program.

i. Check Update

Click Check Update to check whether there is a new version of your software released at the time.

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