How to Copy DVD on Mac

Step 1. Launch DVD Copy

Launch Prof. Media 13 from the Launchpad and click on the DVD Copy shortcut icon to open Leawo DVD Copy for Mac.

Step 2. Import DVD/ISO files to the program

Click the Add Blu-ray/DVD button from the upper-left. The following drop-down menu contains 3 options. To load source media file from the disc in your disc drive, click Add from CD-Rom and click the new option that shows up later.

Click Add ISO File to import an ISO file to the program from your hard drive.

Click Add from folder to add a DVD folder to the program from your hard drive.

Step 3. Set disc type

On the following panel, there are several different settings you need to go through on the left column. First you need to choose what type of disc you want to save your DVD movie into. The choices available are DVD-9 and DVD-5. In the bottom-left corner, there’s a button you can click on. Click it and choose between DVD-9 and DVD-5.

Note: You can save DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-9 to DVD-5 and DVD-5 to DVD-5 but you can’t upscale DVD-5 to DVD-9.

Step 4. Select copy mode

There are 3 modes provided for you to choose what content in the disc to copy: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Here’s what they are for:

Full Movie: copies all the content in the disc.

Main Movie: only copies the main movie, one audio track and one set of subtitle.

Custom Mode: lets you select the videos, audio tracks and subtitles you need manually from the above lists.

If you can’t decide what video titles to save in the copy, you can first play it on the video player on the right to make sure if it’s the video you need.

Step 5. Start to copy

Click the Copy button above the video player to call out a sidebar from the right side of the video player. On it you can see 3 different options on the top.

Under Copy to, there are 3 options:

Check Folder and the program will save the DVD content to your Mac’s hard drive as a DVD folder.

Check ISO File to let the program convert your DVD content to an ISO image and save it to your Mac’s hard drive.

If you have another DVD drive capable of burning DVDs and a blank DVD disc you can use, you can put the blank disc in the DVD drive and select it from the drop-down menu of this option, and the program will directly copy the original disc to the blank disc when you start the copying process.

If you’ve chosen the Folder or ISO File option, you need to set the output directory for them under Save to. And then you can start the copy process by clicking on the Copy button at the bottom of the sidebar.

After you start to copy your DVD, you can cancel the process anytime you want by hitting the Cancel button.

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