Introduction to Leawo Video Converter for Mac

Leawo Video Converter for Mac is designed for Mac users to solve the matters on video/audio converting and editing. This program can support you to convert video/audio files or folders between 180+ formats. In addition to the common video/audio input and output format like MP4, MKV, MP3, AAC, are supported, some rare formats are also supported like MTS, MOD, OGG, AU. So the conversion of MP4 to MTS or MP3 to OGG is just a few of clicks with the help of Leawo Video Converter for Mac. What’s more, this program allows users to edit their video/audio files by trimming, cropping, watermarking, adjusting video effect, turning 2D movie to 3D, merging multiple files, etc. And you can freely choose the output devices including all the popular iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

After downloading, installing, and running Leawo Video Converter, the following interface will show you that this program is actually built in the Program suite of Leawo Prof. Media. You can either click “Convert” button on the sub-menu or “Video Converter” button besides the last button as your first step to use this program.

1. Feedback

If you have some suggestions or ideas to perfect this program, just tap “Help” button on the top right of the interface to select “Feedback” to fulfil the form and send your precious feedback to us for improving our work.

2. Settings

Before you start to convert videos, you can firstly move the mouse to tap the title of “Leawo Prof. Media” on the top right of your desk and then select “Preference” on the drop-down window.

2.1 General Settings

On the pop up window, click the first button “General” to choose a language for the UI from 11 preset languages: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Armenian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

2.2 Conversion Settings

Here are three options under “conversion” button “Priority native codec”, “Enable streaming MP4 video” and “Enable DVD navigator” for you to select and set the maximum tasks for running.

2.3 Others Settings

Under “Others” tab, you can freely choose the directory path of external subtitle, set default encoding, screenshot image format, and the output directory for saving screenshot images.

3. Help Center

3.1 Search for your answer

If you have any problems, you can go to the Help center on top right of the interface to find your answer. You can type key words on the search box, related tutorial will be shown on this the list to provide multiple solutions.

3.2 Get the product

If you want to use this product for longer time, you can click “Activate” or “Purchase” button to get the product. “Activate” will lead you to the interface to input your register code. After clicking “Purchase” button, the purchase page will be shown to you.

3.3 Other buttons

1. “Home” button is a one-click service to directly enter Leawo official website to know more products or promotion activities.
2. If you have more problems of using the product, you can click “Tutorial” button to know all the detailed guides.
3. The “Support” button can help users to get all the technical support from Leawo Software team.
4. Under “Bug Report” button, you can report problems you encountered during the usage of Leawo Prof. Media for Mac.
5. If you think our product is very useful or you have any suggestion for improving this program, you can click “Feedback” button.
6. If you think this product is very practical and do great help for your work, you can click “Rate it” to leave your unique comments to this product.
7. Click “Check Update” button to check if there are any updates available. Once you purchase the product, you can always enjoy the newest version of this product by tapping the button to renew the program.

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