If you love entertainment, you will love Netflix for sure! Netflix is a giant online database for entertainment TV shows, movies, music videos and many others. It even has its own exclusive productions like some TV series and films. Netflix now is the world's ninth-largest internet company by revenue.

You can watch your favorite Netflix contents anytime and anywhere on your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. Today we are mainly discussing how to watch Netflix on TV in different ways so you can enjoy the excellent and theater-like watching experience on bigger-screen TV.

Connect PC or Laptop to TV Physically or Wirelessly

Netflix access from computer end, no matter it's PC, Mac or laptop should be the easiest. Just visit netflix.com from your computer, log in to your Netflix account and you are done! A special notice here, Netflix is available and extremely popular in almost all the countries except these four: China, North Korea, Syria and Crimea. So unfortunately people living in these countries are not able to register the Netflix account at this moment.

Then the next step is to connect your computer to TV either with wires or without. We already had a very detailed tutorial here about how to build the connection between your PC and TV, please just read for more details.

Watch Netflix on Smart TV

watch netflix on tv

Check if you already had a smart TV that can run streaming apps like Netflix. Use your TV's documentation or menu to determine if it is smart or not. The smart TV may have a Netflix streaming service logo out there.

Connect your smart TV to your home network to start streaming Netflix content from internet to TV. You can either use an Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet ports to smart TV or use Wifi via the wireless adapters.

After the connection is built, open the Netflix app on smart TV by pressing the button usually located on the remote control. The last step is to log in to your Netflix account and start watching.

Watch Netflix on Apple TV

watch netflix on tv

Apple TV comes with a dedicated support to Netflix except the 1st generation of Apple TV. The settings next would be easier to do if you have an iPhone around.

Connect Apple TV to another TV using HDMI and switch TV's input to Apple TV's. Turn on the bluetooth on iPhone and put it next to Apple TV to start the automatic setup which will ask you to input your Apple ID and password. Log in to your Netflix account again and start watching!

Watch on Game Console

watch netflix on tv

Watch Netflix via some game consoles is also a great way. Most popular game consoles like PlayStation(PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4), Xbox(Xbox One and Xbox 360) and Wii(Wii U) can use Netflix, just like a streaming video device did.

Netflix app is pre-installed in game console like PlayStation 4 and it can be easily found in the "TV & Video"section of the main menu. If you can't see it in other game consoles, no worries, usually it can be downloaded from Shop/Store/App sections like that. Log in to your Netflix account and use game console controller to select the Netflix content that you want to watch.

AirPlay iPhone to Apple TV

watch netflix on tv

Netflix has an app in Mac App Store for sure for iPhone or iPad tablet users, which makes iPhone one of the convenient and comfortable platforms to watch Netflix. Download the well-designed Netflix app from App Store, install it and log in to your existing Netflix account.

Use the AirPlay function on your iPhone to seamlessly stream the Netflix video you are watching to Apple TV for better watching experience, and you can have the full remote control of selecting and playing Netflix videos right on your iPhone.

PC Video Player Streamer to TV

This could be an alternative way to watch Netflix on TV via the built-in AirPlay feature of a good media video player. This kind of streaming player turns your PC to a Netflix receiver and sender, which can allow you to watch Netflix on TV while control the playback on computer.

Launch the streaming player on your computer and enable the AirPlay feature and choose Apple TV to connect. Go back to the browser and visit Netflix site & log in to enjoy the immediate Netflix playback on TV.

Some players are already equipped with this AirPlay feature like VLC and 5KPlayer,etc. while other good players like Leawo Blu-ray Player is working to have this feature added ASAP.

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To summarize, watch Netflix on TV is not difficult due to the huge device support of Netflix and you do have options of how you want it to be done. Enjoy watching Netflix anytime and anywhere from now!