With the growing number of big companies try to install DVD drives within laptops and desktop computers, it is popular that people use the preinstalled DVD drive to read and play disc media content. If you are having a hard time wondering around why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs, then you have come to the right place. Check on this article and you will know.

Part 1: Why is My DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs

In the beginning, let’s dig out why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs of movies and videos. There are multiple possible causes for investigation. Keep track of the list and examine the issue one by one.

Reason 1. It could be a problem from the DVD drive.

Some DVD drives are facing serious damage due to overuse. Many users are not aware of the DVD drive is broken and force it to keep running. Before going any further for why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs, verify that your DVD drive is functioning well and not stuck by junk. Otherwise, you need to fix the DVD player like “No disc” error.

Reason 2. The cause can be associated with DVD discs.

On the other hand, DVD discs are requested to store in a cool and proper condition. If you are not sure about the disc statement, then check your discs carefully before inserting it into the DVD drive. A neat and clean DVD disc will be read by a DVD drive at the best chance. Meanwhile, it can be that the DVD region codes will block your DVD drive. So the disc drive cannot access any data of your DVDs.

Reason 3. The DVD drive driver is not working.

DVD drivers for disc drive are essential and critical. Even though they are usually embodied with the native working system, some configurations might occur and create unknown modifications. As a result, the DVD driver will not be responding to the disc drive or delivering the commands to each other.

Reason 4. The computer system should be correcting some parameters.

All the settings from the operating system are required to match the DVD drive. Particular parameters like the AutoPlay settings should be set to defaults. If not, that is probably why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs. Also, for example, Windows users need to make the Device Manager recognize the DVD drive in the settings. From time to time, the whole working system would have to operate restoring performance.

Reason 5. DVD player software is not able to playback.

This is to refer to another viewpoint of the software aspect. When you have troubleshot why won’t my DVD drive play DVDs from hardware and get everything ready for the DVD playback, it is still not available without a formidable DVD player program on Windows and Mac. Hence, this is the last reason you should take considerations. That is to say, never lose the endeavor until the last success.


Part 2: How to Fix DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs

You will feel much better after understanding why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs for movies. Yet learning the exact reason is just doing the homework for how to resolve such a problem. Therefore, we have attached a full list of different solutions for how to fix why DVD drive won’t play DVDs.

Solution 1. Restore or update your DVD drive driver.

Step 1. Use the shortcut keys to open the “Run” window.

Hold down both the “Windows” icon key and “R” key to call out the commanding window. In the “Open” field, input the content: devmgmt.msc. Then click “OK” or press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.


Step 2. Enter the “Properties” panel of the DVD/CD-ROM drives.

Go to the computer drives menu and locate the DVD/CD-ROM drives. Right-click on the icon and choose “Properties” to open a new panel. Tab the “Driver” label and look through the options for the next operation. You can select the “Roll Back Driver” performance or “Update Driver”, then hit the “OK” button.


Step 3. Shut down the window and reboot the computer after it has entirely rolled back this setting.

Solution 2. Perform the DVD drive reinstallation.

Step 1. Run the “devmgmt.msc” order.

Press both “Windows” hotkey and “R” keys to access the “Run” panel. Similar to solution 1, copy the “devmgmt.msc” instruction and paste it into the blank bar. Hit the “Enter” key or “OK”.


Step 2. Navigate to the “Device Manager” panel and uninstall “DVD/CD-ROM drives”.

You can make use of the quick search tool and type “Device Manager”. Then tab it from the results to approach this window. Scroll down to find the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” and click for expanding this item. Go to the right-click menu of the corresponding DVD devices for pressing the “Uninstall” button.


Step 3. Start over the computer system.

The Windows system will install the DVD drive automatically during the rebooting process.

Solution 3. Enable the DVD drive after disabling.

Step 1. Ask the system to conduct the “devmgmt.msc” from the “RUN” board.

The “Run” panel will be activated by pressing the combo “Windows + R” keys. Fill the order option with the sentence of devmgmt.msc. “OK” button is set to carry out the command.


Step 2. Look for the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” within the “Device Manager” window.

View this window closely and expand the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” option after seeing it. You will be able to disable the device by right-clicking and changing the option.


Step 3. Redo the aforementioned movements. Instead, select the “Enable device” this time.

To reactivate the DVD drive device, just stay in the same spot where you find the “DVD/CD-ROM drives”. An available button “Enable device” will be displayed after you have disabled in the last step. So just click on it to activate this DVD device.


Solution 4. Ask help from the Microsoft DVD hardware troubleshooting tool.

Step 1. Reach the “Control Panel”.

Most Windows users might not be familiar with how to access the “Control Panel”. There is a tricky method that utilizing the WIndows Search after clicking on the Windows icon from the desktop. Key in the “Control” and the panel will show up.


Step 2. Call out the Windows native DVD drive troubleshooter.

Once the Control panel interface is illustrated, apply the searching function again in the search box next to the folder address. Insert the “Troubleshooter” to begin searching. Wait until the “Troubleshooting” with detailed explanations is sitting on the top. Tab this item to continue.


Step 3. Get to the “Hardware and Device” option.

Apply the “View all” feature from the left column. The menu will contain a couple of options covering the “Sound” and “Device” sections. Seek the in “Device” section and launch the “Hardware and Device” troubleshooter for why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs.


Step 4. Move on with the local process and comply with the directive.

Part 3: Best DVD Player for Your PC – Leawo Blu-ray Player

All the solutions above may be able to fix why my DVD drive won’t play DVDs according to the first several reasons. However, this issue will still fall out when you miss the last reason. That is to get the best DVD player program to fit the DVD drive. And I will give a piece of advice for it.


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Part 4: Rip Your Favorite DVD for Backup – Leawo DVD Ripper

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Part 5: Conclusion

The background of how to address why is my DVD drive not reading DVDs is well claimed in the first part. Furthermore, some hard-core solutions to deal with it are offered. Nevertheless, with so many people ignoring the last reason, I would definitely suggest paying more attention to the solid method of acquiring Leawo Blu-ray Player. It is not only doing goods for your own best, but also for the whole family who loves movies and videos. Another alternative program can be the Leawo DVD Ripper. It is so amazing to set you free from any DVD concerning questions, especially why won’t my DVD drive play DVDs.