How to trim video length and get video segment

Most Leawo software programs allow people to trim video length to get video clip converted. These programs include: video converter, DVD ripper, Blu-ray ripper, Blu-ray to MKV converter, Blu-ray creator, DVD creator, etc. All these software programs share the same operating way to trim video length on Windows. Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate’s Video Edit panel is taken as an example here.

1. Select a source file, directly click edit the  icon, or right click it and select “Media Edit” option to enter the “Video Edit” panel. In Trim section, you can trim video length.


2.  You can trim the video length by dragging the sliders on the playbar directly, or set value in Start Time and End Time. The total Clip Length will show you how long the output video clip would be.

3. Then, click OK button to save your trimming.

play-pause-button: Click this button to play or pause;

start-time-button: Click this button to set the Start Time point for trimming;

end-time-button: Click this button to set the End Time point for trimming;

start-pause-button: Click this button to start or pause preview;

horizantal-flip: Click it for horizontal flip angle of view;

vertical-flip: Click for a vertical flip angle of view;

90-degree-clockwise: Click to rotate for 90 degree clockwise;

90-degree-conterclockwise: Click to rotate for 90 degrees counterclockwise;

reset-button: Click to reset the trimming settings.

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