Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter Getting Started

Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter is a combined media converter solution that comprises Blu-ray converter, DVD converter, video converter and audio converter. It could:

  • Convert Blu-ray/DVD/video to video in various formats;
  • Edit Blu-ray/DVD/video to get customized output videos;
  • Create 3D movies out of 2D Blu-ray/DVD/video;
  • Play Blu-ray, DVD, video and audio files;

Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter is available in trial and paid versions, downloadable via https://www.leawo.org/downloads/blu-ray-video-converter.html. The trial version only converts the first 5-minute content of source media files.

Menu introduction

There’re totally 4 menu options: File menu, Edit menu, Tools menu and Help menu.


File menu: Click file-button button on the menu bar to select source media files for loading. It provides several for you to load source media files:

“Add Video Files”: load one or several media files for converting.

“Add Video Files with Directshow”: load source media files that are compatible with Directshow only.

“Add Video Files with QuickTime”: load source media files that are only compatible with QuickTime.

“Find DRM Files”: the program automatically search DRM files on your computer by letting you set a directory.

“Add Video Folder”: batch loading source media files.

“Load DVD”: load source DVD disc or folder files for converting.

“Load BD”: click to load source Blu-ray disc or folder for converting.

Edit menu: Click edit-button button on the menu bar to “Rename”, “Delete”, “Clear”, adjust media file orders with “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons, “Check All”, “Uncheck All”, “Merge” files into one, edit source media files via “Media Edit”, get “Media Information” and do output file parameter “Settings”.

Tools menu: Click tools-button button to do program settings by “Tools>Options” or select program interface language by “Tools>Language”. Totally there’re 12 languages available for choice, including: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Portuguese-Brazilian, Italian, Polski, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. Click “Tools>Options” to do program settings, including General settings, Conversion settings, Thumbnail settings and Connection settings.

In General interface, you could set the “Output” directory to save output results, “Subtitles Files Dir” to read subtitles of source files, “Subtitles Default Encoding” to set output subtitle encoding, and Update check settings.


In Conversion panel, you could do conversion settings like CPU Core control and Max Run settings.


In Thumbnail section, set the “Image Format” to save screenshots (PNG, BMP or JPG), set “Image Size” (Keep the screenshot original size or customize its size by adjusting the “Width” and “Height”), set a folder to save screenshots in “Save to” box, and choose to “Display image after thumbnail” or not.


While in the Connection panel, do Proxy settings when necessary.


Help menu: Click   button to unfold Help menu.

“Help”: click to visit Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter user guide online;

“Home Page”: click to visit Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter product page on leawo.com;

“Support”: click to enter Leawo’s support center;

“Register”: click to activate Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter with registration code;

“Check for updates…”: click to get noticed of program update;

“Bug Reporter”: click to report bugs to Leawo;

“About”: click to get the current version information of Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter.


Convert Blu-ray/DVD/video files

Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter allows you to convert Blu-ray/DVD/video to video and audio in various formats for diverse purposes. The operation is quite easy.

1. Import source media files

4 ways to import source media files for converting: click file-button menu button to select the content to import; click add-video icon to load videos, load-dvd icon to load DVD files or load-bd icon to load source Blu-ray files; double click the left processing panel to browse source media files for loading; directly drag and drop source media files for importing.


Related knowledge after loading:

3d-button : click this button in the end of each source file to set output 3D effect.

subtitle-adjust : click to select subtitles from source video or DVD files, even to “Add Subtitles” from external subtitle files is feasible for source videos.

audio-tracks-adjust : click to select audio tracks for output files.

angle-adjust : click to select a special angle of view for output files.

order-adjust : check a source file, then click these two buttons to “Move Up” or ”Move Down” to adjust order.

delete : check a source file or several source files, then click this button to delete selected files.

clear : click this button to clear all source files on the processing list panel.

play : check a source file and click this button to play and preview source file with the built-in player. During preview, you could also press this button to pause preview. You could also double click a source file to play it back.

restore-button : click this button to stop playing source files.

camera-button : click this button to take screenshot. By clicking the inverted triangle button, you could select to “Snapshot”, “Open Screenshot Folder” or “Change Screenshot Folder”.

volume-button : click this volume button to adjust playback volume.

Note: source media files, subtitles and audio tracks, and loaded external subtitles all could be previewed with the built-in player.

2. Output settings

Open the Profile box to select an output profile that meets your final purpose. Over 180 formats are preset for choice. Some specific profiles for devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. are already available for easy profile setting. You could make use of the Profile Search bar to search your desired output format. Click the Customise button to decide which groups to appear on the Profile panel.


Click the settings-button button to reset output file parameters, including: Video Codec, Quality, Video Size, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, Audio Codec, Audio Quality, Channels, etc.


apply-to-all: click to apply your selected output profile and parameter settings to all output results.

Output Video Quality, Audio Quality and Output directory could also be adjusted on the output panel.


video-quality-button: click to adjust output video quality from Custom, Low, Medium and High.

audio-quality-button: Click to adjust output audio quality from Custom, Low, Medium and High.

output-button: Click to set output directory to save output files. You could also click  to browse “Output” folder as output directory or to open “Output” folder.

merge-into-one-button: check several files or all files and then click this button to merge selected files into one big file for output.

3. Edit Blu-ray/DVD/video files

Select a source media file, click edit button or right click selected source media file and then select “Media Edit” option to enter the “Video Edit” panel to edit source media files.


In the Video Edit panel, you could trim video length, crop video size, adjust video effect by setting the brightness, saturation and contrast, and apply image or text watermark.


How to trim video length

How to crop video size

How to adjust video effect

How to apply image or text watermark

4. Convert 2D Blu-ray/DVD/video to 3D movies

Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter allows you to create 3D movies out of 2D Blu-ray/DVD/video sources. Check how to create 3D movies for detailed guide.

5. Start conversion

Click the convert-button button on the bottom right corner to start converting Blu-ray/DVD/video files with Leawo Blu-ray Video Converter. On the converting interface, you can click pause-converting button to pause converting and click stop-converting button to stop converting. The After Conversion drop-down button allows you to set after-done settings: Do Nothing, Open Output Folder or Shut Down Computer. Click the Cancel button to cancel converting.


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