Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac Getting Started

Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac is a functional Blu-ray/DVD creating program specially made for Mac users to burn videos to Blu-ray or DVD disc, folder and ISO Image File. This Mac Blu-ray creator supports almost all popular video formats and allows you to edit your files with impressive video editing features. With it, you can also create 3D Blu-ray/DVD or make personalized disc menus.

Top Menu Description

Launch Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac and on the top-left corner of your Mac, you will see below top menus: Blu-ray Creator, File, Edit, 3D and Help menu.

1. Leawo Blu-ray Creator Menu

Open the drop-down list of Blu-ray Creator button, then click About Blu-ray Creator option to get the current version information of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac, and you can also choose to hide Blu-ray Creator or quit Blu-ray Creator.


2. File Menu

Under File menu, you can select to load source media files thru mouse clicking Add Video Files, Add Video Files With Quicktime or Add Video Folder. Burn to DVD or Blu-ray option is also available here.


3. Edit Menu

Under Edit menu, you could choose to Delete selected source media files or Clear all imported files on the left processing list. You can also enter the video editing panel to edit videos by pressing the Media Edit option. Click Media Information to know detailed video and audio info about source media files.


4. 3D Menu

Click 3D menu to open its drop-down list, and you will embrace 5 output 3D movie effects: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, and Interleaved; click Turn off 3D to close 3D effect or click 3D Settings option to enter 3D settings panel. Click Hide 3D Module option to hide the 3D button on the left processing list of program home interface.


5. Help Menu

Under this menu, you can click Help option to visit Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac user guide page on Leawo.com; click Home Page option to visit Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac product page; click Support option to visit Leawo’s support center; and click Bug Reporter option to send bugs of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac to Leawo.



Load Videos


Click File>Add Video Files or simply click add-button to insert original videos to the program home interface, and the imported files will be listed one-by-one on the left part. You can mouse click up-button and down-button button to read just the video order or click delete-button button to delete the specific video which you want to remove from the list.

Right click one file to enter into below box ,


where you can perform many useful operations like add video files, edit media, move the file to top or bottom, delete one file, clear all files or preview media information( media length, video resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio sample rate, channel). In this step, you can also report bug to Leawo via clicking Bug Reporter.

On the right part of the screen, you can select any file for preview with built-in media player under Main and Title.

main-button:Click Main to show two submenus Play and Chapter.

title-button: Click Title to see chapter list.

play-button: Click Play to play videos imported one by one in sequence.

chapter-button: Click Chapter to go to the submenu to choose specific chapter for playing.

volume-slider: This button allows you to adjust the video volume.

progress-bar: Click this progress bar to adjust video playback.

The control-button PM button is provided here for you to select the video for playback. Click camera-button to snapshot video image and save it as thumbnail.

disc-type: You can choose to burn to DVD-5/DVD-9/BD-25/BD-50 via click this button.

aspect-ratio: Click this button to pick up an exact aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9.

disc-space-used-and -left: At the bottom of the main interface, you will observe the space needed for Blu-ray or DVD burning.

quality-button: Click this button to choose media quality as Low Quality, Medium Quality or High Quality.


Video Edit

Click Edit>Media Edit or click edit to edit DVD/BD video via Trim, Crop, Rotation, Effect and Watermark, and in the pop-up Edit window, you can cut the needed video length, remove black margin, achieve different view angles, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, and add image or text watermark.



How to Trim Video Length on Mac

How to Crop Video Size on Mac

How to Rotate Video for Special Angle of View on Mac

How to Adjust Video Effect on Mac

How to Apply Image or Text Watermark on Mac



You can easily observe three buttons on the upper right corner of the imbedded preview panel. Press menu-templates-button to see the software previously equipped menu templates and select one for your DVD/BD.


If you do not want DVD or BD menu, just click disable-menu-button to remove the menu. But if you want to DIY the DVD/BD menu totally by yourself, just click design-menu-button to enter into Menu Designer interface to fulfill your needs. You can easily make personalized DVD or Blu-ray menu with different themes, menu backgrounds, buttons, caption styles, and advanced options.

Head to Themes section, you can select DVD and Blu-ray menu theme from Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others and Customized, pick one under each submenus inline with your need.


Head to Background section, you can freely select DVD and Blu-ray background with Gallery, Color, Picture and Video. You can also add Background Music and set Duration.


In Gallery: You can select any template under different galleries: Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, and Others.

In Color: You can make full use of the color mixture of three original colors and set as the background. Adjust the background Angle and Position if necessary.

In Picture: Select an image file from your Mac and save as menu background.

In Video: It is easy for you to import a video file from your Mac to save as background.

In Background Music: You can select one music file form File to set as the music background of your disc menu; click play-music button to preview the music listening; or click delete-music to clear the added background music. If you prefer Loop Play mode, simply check Loop Play. The specific music file Duration is also available for setting.

Head to Button option, you can select Frame Style and Icon Style from various types at your will in this panel.


Head to Caption section, you can click on one objective on the preview area and input a new caption. Caption properties like font, size, color alignment, etc. can be set to suit your need.


Head to Advanced section, once you check Show file name on menu, then the file name will be displayed on the left preview area, the number of chapters on each submenu can be adjusted (1 to 6). Style of the focused menu item can be set also. Choose Frame then select the corresponding color for frame or choose Mark and select an icon for the mark. After setting, the effect will display once your move your mouse.


Click apply-to-all-button to apply the settings to all files during each settings; click to open the drop-down list of new-button button, then Save or Delete your DIY menus; click ok-button to finish menu design; or click cancel-button to cancel all the disc menu customization.


Burn Video to DVD/BD

Click the big Burn to DVD & Blu-ray button on home interface to burn videos to DVD or Blu-ray. A Burning Setting interface will appear immediately and you are allowed to select DVD Disc/Folder, Blu-ray Disc/Folder, or ISO File, type preferred Volume Label, choose output destination in Save To, or check the TV Standard: NTSC or PAL.


Click Burn Now to start burn video to DVD or Blu-ray. The task name, elapsed time and burning progress will be clearly seen in the last burning windows.


3D Authoring

Simply press 3d-button on program main interface or choose 3D>3D Settings to visit 3D Settings panel to create 3D DVD or Blu-ray out of 2D sources. Several 3D setting modes are available for you to select: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved and 3D depth is adjustable from minus 50 to plus 50. In addition, you can click Apply to all to apply the 3D settings on all the videos.


Tips: You can click how to create 3D movies on Mac to know the details.

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