How to Edit Video with Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac

The video can be edited before being burned to DVD or Blu-ray. To enter the video editing panel, click the Edit button on the video item that you want to edit. You can see all the video editing options: Trim, Watermark, Crop, Effect, 3D and Remove Noise.

a. Trim

In “Trim”, you can select a specific part of the video to burn by dragging the slider under the time bar , and the time points on the slider will correspond to the Start Time and End Time under the slider. And you can put in the exact time as to when the video will start and end accurate to microseconds. Next to the time bar are a few buttons. Click the Play button to start playing the video on the preview window above. Use the Start Time button and the End Time button to specify the start and end time of the video clip that you want to keep, use play clip button to play selected part. The Clip Length shows the length of the clip that you have just selected, which is the final output video after the trimming you have done. And you can undo all those above steps by clicking Reset button.

b. Watermark

In “Watermark”, you can add text or image on the video as watermark. First click the Watermark button to enable it. You can choose to add either text or image on the video, but not both.

1. Add text

Click the button next to the text option to enable text watermark. And input the words you want in the text box .

1.1 To change the color of the font, click the button next to the text box. In the color selecting window, you can choose whatever color it has on the color board for the text.

1.2 Click the button to call out the font selecting window. In the window you can choose another font, select a font style you like, and set the right size for the text. There are also effects for the text like Strikeout and Underline. There’s a preview box showing the sample of the font.

2. Add image

To add image to the video as a watermark, first enable this option by clicking the button next to the Image option. Next click the Folder button to choose an image file from your computer to be added to the video.

3. Related watermark settings

After adding text or image on the video, there are several options provided for you to adjust.

3.1 You can adjust the transparency of the watermark from 0% to 100% with the slider.

3.2 You can adjust the size of the watermark by inputting the exact number of pixels.

3.3 You can also adjust the position of the watermark by directly dragging it to the ideal location or inputting the coordinates.

3.4 You can apply the watermark to all videos by checking Apply to All or undo the watermark by clicking Reset button.

c. Crop

In “Crop”, you can choose one fraction of the movie screen and remove other parts. There are two ways to crop the video: one is to directly choose one part of the screen on the preview window, another is to enter the coordinates of left and right and the size value.

The buttons next to the time bar is for adjusting the selected part of the screen. Click to flip the screen horizontally; click to flip the screen vertically; click to rotate the screen 90 degree clockwise and click to rotate the screen 90 degree counter clockwise.

There are a few effects in the Zoom section which can adjust the border of the screen.

d. Effect

In “Effect”, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and volume of the video. You can directly pull the slider or put in a value to adjust them. And you can preview the adjusted image on the preview window. Check Apply to All to apply the changes to all the videos. Click Reset button to undo all the changes of Effect.

e. 3D

In “3D”, you can turn your 2D video into 3D. Click the 3D Mode button to enable 3D effect. There are 6 types of 3D modes provided. You can choose 3D modes from Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved and Side by Side. And you can adjust the value of 3D depth by adjusting the slider or inputting a value.

f. Remove Noise

In “Remove Noise”, you can remove some of the unwanted noise in the sound track of your video. Simply go to the “Remove Noise” section, and turn on the “Remove Noise” switch . You can preview your video and adjust the volume of your video until you are satisfied with the sound performance. As usual, click Reset to undo your settings, and when you have done setting, check the “Apply to All” box and click “OK” button.

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