Leawo Video Downloader for Mac Help Center

If you want to get help from the program, go to the "Help" center on Leawo Video Downloader for Mac. No matter you want to get the newest update or provide the feedback of using the program, you can do it within a few clicks. This guide will give you all the detailed explanation.

1. Go to "Help" center

Click “Help” button on the top left of the menu and a new box will pop up for you to choose. They are “Search”, “Activate”, “Purchase”, “Home”, “Tutorial”, “Support”, “Bug Report”, “Feedback”, “Rate it”, and “ Check Update”.

2. Input you question in the Search box

You can type any question related to this program in the “Search” box. All the detailed tutorial will be showed to you with a list one by one.

3. Activate this product

Actually “Activate” and “Purchase” methods have been introduced in the part of "how to register Video Converter for Mac" before. If you have already got the registration code, you can just click “Activate” button to input the registration code and activate the program.

If you don’t have the registration code, you can either go to the purchase page of Leawo Prof. Media for Mac, or click the “Purchase” button to enter into the purchasing itnerface directly. After finishing your payment under the following page, you will get a registration code via your E-mail. Then you can use this registration code to activate this program.

4. Go to the Home page

If you want to know more about Leawo Video Downloader for Mac, you can click “Home” button. By clicking this button, you will be led to the home page of Leawo Prof. Media for Mac, which includes Leawo Video Downloader for Mac.

5. View the Tutorial

You can click “Tutorial” button to learn how to use Leawo Prof. Media for Mac.

6. Get support anytime

If you have any questions related to Leawo Prof. Media for Mac, whether it is the general inquiry, product problem or business partnership, click the “Support” option to get tech support from Leawo.

7. Bug report

If you find any bug when you are using the program, you can click “Bug Report” button to make a feedback. All bug reports will get the quick response.

8. Send your Feedback

Click the "Feedback" option, type your name and E-mail on the pop-up table and write your unique using experience, idea to improve the product or problems you met. We warmly welcome all the feedback upon product optimization and suggestion.

9. Rate it

Click “Rate it” button to leave your precious comments as reference for other customers.

10. Check update

Once you acquire this product, you have the privilege to get the newest update about this product, which means you can always enjoy the promoted product. Just click the “Check update” button to see if there is any update available or not.

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