Download online video on Mac

To get online videos onto portable media players, Leawo Video Downloader for Mac can help users download online videos to any devices for watching them offline without being limited by Internet connection. In addition, you can share, enjoy, and edit online videos on your local drive with some professional video editor tools.

Step 1: Launch Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is a module of Leawo Prof. Media. After installing the program, launch Leawo Prof. Media on your Mac. The following interface will pop up and you can enter the Video Downloader by clicking the “Download” module on the menu.

Now you enter the “Video Downloader” module and then you can see a built-in web browser to let you freely browse videos from almost all video sharing sites. is the default main page here. You can also copy and paste other video sharing websites into the browser bar for browsing target video.

You could change the default Home Page on Video Downloader moaulde to other websites by clicking the “Leawo Prof. Media” on the menu bar and click “Preferences” to enter into "Settings" panel. And then click “Downloader” tab to reset all the relative settings for download. You can choose to open a blank page or set a specific website as home page. Also you can set the Max download tasks from 1 to 5, the default file location and whether you want to delete the browsing history every time you exit the browser.

For example, if you like watching Hulu TV, you can set it as your home page. Once you launch the program, you can search your desired TV from Hulu.

Step 2: Download online video

Since this program can be taken as a web browser, you can search the video you want to download via the search box or directly copy and paste the URL of the target video into the browser bar. After that, the target video will show up and available download options will appear on the right sidebar in different formats and resolutions for you to download. Select the one in the right format and resolution, then click the download button to download the video.

Step 3: View the downloading process

The downloading process will be shown under the “Downloading” tab. You could see how long these videos will be finish downloading through the progress bar.

Here are more practical buttons for you if you right click the downloading file. When the file is downloading, you can tap “Pause” “Start” or “Delete” to control the downloading process. “Select All” button is designed to choose all the downloading tasks. In addition, you could click either “Start All” or “Pause All” at the top right corner to make all the tasks start or pause on one click. Meanwhile, you can also open the video link with your default web browser by clicking “Browse Website” button on the right-click menu.

If you want to go back to the video page you are trying to download, click the address bar.

Step 4: Check downloaded videos

You can click the “Downloaded” tab next to “Downloading” to check how many videos have been downloaded. You can also display downloaded videos by Name, Size, or Length.

In addition, by right clicking any downloaded file, you could see many new options. You can click “Delete” button to delete the chosen file. Or you can tap “Select All” to choose all the files firstly and then make other order to the selected files at one click. The downloaded file can be converted to any other formats and even can be edited by clicking “Add to Convert” button. Besides, you can also tap the “Add to Burn” button to burn the downloaded video to DVD or Blu-ray. As the name suggests, “File Location” button is designed for users to find the location of the downloaded files. Of course, if you want to view the video online, you can click “Browse Website” button to open it using the default web browser on your computer.

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