How to Downgrade Firmware on UHD Blu-ray Drive

Presenting an intuitive interface and clear guidance, Leawo UHD Drive Tool provides a practical yet easy way for both novices and veterans to carry out the downgrading process.

Step 1: Select the UHD drive from the available list

Make sure that you’ve connected the UHD drive to the computer and start Leawo UHD Drive Tool. After that, select a desired optical drive by clicking the downward triangle icon.

Step 2: Choose a target firmware

Pick out a firmware version from the drop-down box, following that, click the Downgrade Firmware button.

Warm prompt: There is a message that comes along to remind people not to power off, disconnect the drive or close the UHD Drive Tool when the downgrade process is in progress. Click the Continue button to begin the downgrading.

Step 3: Downgrade the firmware

Step 4: Restart the computer after refreshing the firmware

When the downgrading process is finished, we’d like to recommend users to restart the computer to make sure Leawo UHD Drive Tool runs smoothly and flawlessly.

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