How to Copy 4K UHD Blu-ray Movies

Leawo UHD Copy provides an easy-to-use interface for both beginners and advanced experts.

Step 1: Launch Leawo UHD Copy

Open Prof. Media and click UHD Copy to enter Leawo UHD Copy module.

Step 2: Import the Source Media File

Click "Add UHD/Blu-ray/DVD" button. On the following drop-down menu:

1. Click "Add from CD-ROM " to import UHD Blu-ray files from your disc drive.

2. Click "Add from folder " to import UHD Blu-ray folder.

3. Click "Add ISO file " to import ISO file.

Warm prompt: Also you can perform all the aforesaid import by directly dragging and dropping source file to the interface.

Step 3: Relevant UHD Blu-ray Settings

1. Choose copy mode

There are 2 copy modes provided: Full Movie and Main Movie .

a. Full Mode is for copying contents of the whole disc;

b. Main Movie is for movie-only backup;

2. Choose subtitle and audio track

Once you select the specific title, the subtitle and audio Tracks in the title will all be presented under Subtitle and Audio Option . Besides, there is a preview mode to check content of the selected title.

3. Choose disc type

After loading the source files, click to choose Disc type for the backup.
The size of the output file is displayed at the bottom of the interface

Step 4: Select the Output Path

Click the big green Copy button on the top-right corner to call out backup setting panel, where you need to set the "Copy to", "Disc Label", "Save to".

1. "Copy to" is for when you want to copy UHD Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file to folder/ISO file/blank disc, you can select one of these types to save the backup.

2. "Save to" option allows you to save the UHD Blu-ray content as a folder or ISO file to your computer. Check "Folder" or "ISO File" to choose to save the UHD Blu-ray content either in a folder or as an ISO file. And then click the box below "Save to" to set the directory for the backup.

3. "Disc Label" tab enables to name the UHD Blu-ray backup.

Step 5: Start Copying UHD Blu-ray

Click the "Copy" button at the bottom of the sidebar to start copying.

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