2020 Thanksgiving Movie Guide: 10 Best Movies for This Holiday

Thanksgiving is around the corner and this year will mark a very special thanksgiving for people across the globe due to the global outbreak of coronavirus. Anyway, happy moments should always be valued and shared among family, friends, and loved ones. This year, we have quite some valuable thanksgiving movies…

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What Should you know about Coronavirus and how to prevent COVID-19?

The world has been threatened by the newly outbreaking COVID-19. As of March 23rd, there have been more than 230,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world. Over 12,000 people died in this disease. Some countries even get closed to cure patents and stop the spreading of COVID-19. What are COVID-19?…

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How to Fix HandBrake Encoding HEVC/H265 Blu-ray Issues

"I used to encode H.265/HEVC Blu-ray with HandBrake. But recently when I do this, it takes me hours to get Blu-ray encoded. How to fix this encoding HEVC with HandBrake too long issue? Is there a troubleshooting list of fixing HandBrake encoding HEVC/H.265 Blu-ray issue? Please make it as detailed…

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How to Rip and Convert A Charlie Brown Christmas Blu-Ray Disc?

A Charlie Brown Christmas Blu-ray movie is a wonderful movie to watch on Christmas for kids. This movie could teach kids the true meaning of Christmas. This guide makes a brief introduction to A Charlie Brown Christmas and shows you the detailed steps on how to convert A Charlie Brown…

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How to Share Thanksgiving Blu-Ray Movies with Friends Abroad?

“Have you got any ideas on how to let people abroad watch Thanksgiving movies on Blu-ray discs from my computer? I just got a Blu-ray disc for Thanksgiving and one of my friends wants to watch this Thanksgiving Blu-ray movie. But the problem is he is now in Africa. I…

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How to Convert and Backup Blu-Ray Thanksgiving Movies?

"I received an Avatar Blu-ray disc mailed from one of my friends as Thanksgiving gift. Now, I would like to copy Avatar Blu-ray disc to computer so that I needn’t insert and eject the disc frequently and get a backup for safekeeping. What kind of Blu-ray backup software should I…

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