Why the output DVD/Blu-ray/Video file has no audio/sound but it works very well in my source PowerPoint?

There are three reasons that may cause the audio problem:

  1. You have chosen to ignore the audio in PowerPoint. Please check the options on the interface of “Options\Advanced Settings\PowerPoint\” in Leawo.
  2. You haven’t set the audio file to automatically play when inserted in PPT. Please change the settings in your presentation file.
  3. The audio codec is not supported. Please set the audio codec to be the other—AC3 or MP2 on the interface of “Options\Advanced Settings\Audio Codec” in Leawo.

If you are still stuck after trying all the methods, please report to us at support#leawo.com (replace#with@).

This FAQ is about: Frequently Asked Questions, PowerPoint to DVD Pro, PowerPoint to DVD Standard

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