What can I do if the burned DVD doesn’t play on my DVD Player?

If the burned DVD doesn’t play on the DVD Player, please help to check whether you have selected TV standard properly. Click “burn” icon, in the Burn Settings tab, you can choose the TV Standard: NTSC or PAL.

Please check the specifications of your DVD player to see whether the model of the blank DVD disc you use is supported by your DVD player

If the above is right, and the burned DVD still can not be played in DVD player, please have a try of all alternative method

1. Please select ISO File in Burn To option. This is a way to to copy your original file to hard disc first.

2. Burn the ISO file to DVD by Disk Utility.Choose Images > Burn from the top menu bar, add the ISO file to disk utility and insert a blank DVD disc with enough space to begin burning.

If the case still occurs, contact Support Team with following important information

1. The brand, model name and purchasing date of your DVD player.

2. The brand and model of your blank DVD disc.

3. The OS version of your Mac.

4. Whether your burned DVD can be played on your Mac.

This FAQ is about: Blu-ray Copy for Mac, Blu-ray Creator for Mac, DVD Creator for Mac, Frequently Asked Questions

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