How to install and run programs intercepted by Gatekeeper on Mac OS X 10.8

The Gatekeeper in Mac OS X 10.8 can help protect your Mac and your personal information by intercepting installing and running programs without Developer ID Certificate or identified developers.However, the intercepted apps without Developer ID Certificate are only not registered with Apple by an identified developer, which means the apps might have no harm. Some apps could be written before developer ID registration began but not reviewed yet. You can open these harmless apps with unidentified developers at will.

If you launch the program on Mac OS 10.8 for the first time and the system pops out the following window, you can click Open to open the program. The program would be saved as an exception to the Gatekeeper settings and can be opened again in the future by double clicking it.

If you want to avoid this window while open other programs without Developer ID Certificate (unidentified developer), you can manually override the Gatekeeper settings in Security & Privacy preferences. The below steps would show you how to manually change Gatekeeper settings:

Firstly, click “Apple iconSystem Preferences– Security & Privacy” to enter the Security&Privacy panel, as showed below:

Then, under General tab, go to the Lock icon and click to make changes. The system would ask you to type your password to allow the changes:

After paring, choose Anywhere to replace the preset Mac App Store and identified developers under “Allow applications downloaded from” chart. When the warning window pops out, choose “Allow From Anywhere”.

After overriding the above settings, you can run the programs on your Mac OS X 10.8 freely.

We are working on the upgraded versions of our Mac items by adding Developer ID Certificate right now. You can use the above method to enable our products work on your Mac OS X 10.8. This method is also applicable to other useful apps without identified developers.

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