What to do if the Spotify music conversion failed?

Please confirm the information below first:
1.Please do not use Microsoft Store Spotify.
2.Please click Connect to a device on the bottom-right of the Spotify desktop client.
Make sure you selected the computer you are using to convert Spotify music.
3.Please open Spotify, play the music, close Spotify, relaunch Leawo then convert.
4.The internet connection is fine, Spotify can play the music.
5.Please make sure Spotify is not playing the music before the conversion.
6.Please do not close Spotify main interface opened by Leawo before the conversion, and then relaunch Spotify.
7.Please do not open Spotify main interface during the conversion, the Spotify main interface will show up after the conversion.

If above are confirmed, please restart Leawo, change Conversion speed to 3× or 1× in Spotify Converter module, convert 2-3 times to see if the same problem persists.
If yes, please contact us with the following information:
1.The Spotify version you are using.
2.The music links you are converting.
3.Please click top right Settings>Help in Leawo Prof. DRM to submit Bug Report.

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