What is Automatic Renewal Service and how to disable it?

Automatic Renewal Service is that the payment platform will charge the amount automatically (plus applicable taxes) prior to expiration of the product license when you buy a 1 Year Subscription.

The payment platform (Swreg or Avangate) will send you a letter to warn that the order is going to be expired. The e-mail will also provide instructions about how to disable the “Automatic Renewal Service“.

If you want to disable the Automatic Renewal Service, you can cancel your enrollment by below method.

For order from SWREG: please visit the Cancel Subscription link at SWREG customer support (https://www.cardquery.com), and clicking on “I want to cancel my recurring payment.”

For order from Avangate: you can stop the payments simply by logging in to Avangate myAccount, going to “My Products” area and by clicking “Stop automatic license renewal” beneath each product that has this option enabled.

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