Introduction - What is Leawo Photo Enhancer for Mac?

Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, Leawo Photo Enhancer for Mac is a professional and intelligent photo enhancer to improve your photo quality in batch. It automatically analyzes and perfects your pictures in the blink of an eye, without any operation, only one click.

As a super intelligent AI photo enhancer program, what can Leawo Photo Enhancer for Mac do for you:

  1. One-click to beautify portrait photos by retouching skin, enhancing eyes and more.
  2. Fix photo exposure issues by boosting wider dynamic range.
  3. Automatically identify sky and improve it with vivid colors.
  4. Make photos crystal clear with smart dehaze.
  5. Automatically correct white balance by master control in color temperature.
  6. Boost photo lighting and color quality.
  7. Optimize photo contrast for impressive visual effect.
  8. Process RAW files with auto lens correction, solving problems like chromatic distortion, aberration, vignetting, etc.
  9. Fix blurry and shaky JPG images caused by compression.
  10. Process multiple photos as a batch in one click.

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