How to Set Leawo PhotoIns for Mac

It is effortless for even novices to set up Leawo PhotoIns for Mac. You could decide the program UI language, and photo enhancement technologies in simple clicks.

1. Set program UI language

Once you have launched Leawo PhotoIns for Mac on your iMac or Macbook, click "Settings" on the top menu bar, and then navigate to the "Language" option. The multiple UI language panel will pop up with several language options: Simplified Chinese(简体中文), English, French (Français), Japanese(日本語) and German (Deutsch). Simply select a language you prefer to as program UI language for this AI photo enhancer.

2. Set photo AI enhancement technologies

Lewo PhotoIns for Mac offers AI Enhance, Automatic Lens Correction, Face enhance, and Enlarge eyes techs to enhance your photo quality, among which AI Enhance tech is enabled by default. You could click "Settings" on the top menu bar, and then navigate to the "Function" tab to enable or disable the rest 3 photo enhancement techs. By enabling these photo enhancement techs, Leawo PhotoIns for Mac will automatically enhance photo quality by auto lens correction (for RAW photos only), face enhancement and eyes enlargement. Of course, you could disable any of them anytime during photo enhancement process.

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