YouTube is a video-sharing platform not strange to anyone who likes watching movies. As an affiliated business module of Google, it has attracted a large part of premium and ads investment since its first landing in 2005. The services of YouTube cover a wide range of video clips, TV shows, music videos, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Being so popular as a video-sharing platform, YouTube is also known for its original shows.

Top 10 YouTube Original Shows

No 1. 12 Deadly Days


This is an American comedy horror anthology web television series for YouTube exclusively in 2016. With its premiered came out on December 12, 2016, it was also drawn a conclusion in the same month.

No 2. A Trip to Unicorn Island


If you are a fan of documentary film and like to travel around the world, this film is the one you don’t want to miss. It starring YouTube personality Lilly Singh and documents her ambitious 27 city world tour.

No 3. Escape the Night


It is an US fantasy horror reality web series which premiered on June 22, 2016 on YouTube and lasted for four seasons. It was finally concluded in 2020 with more than 40 episodes aired.

No 4. Dance Camp


This is another web film produced exclusively for YouTube. It is an American comedy-drama directed Bert & Bertie and written by Nick Turner and Rex New. It was firstly released on February 10, 2016.

No 5. Kedi


Do you like cats? If so, please check the film on YouTube. This is an Turkish documentary film about many stray cats that live in Istanbul. It debuted on the YouTube Red streaming service on 10 May 2017 and was listed as top ten films of 2017 by Time magazine.

No 6. Me and My Grandma


This is an American/Australian comedy web television series. It was launched in 2017 on YouTube. It depicts a College graduate Janey and her grandmother who move to Hollywood together and attempt to forge acting careers.

No 7. Mind Filed


Reading one’s mind or knowing how one’s mind is getting through if he is put in a terrible circumstance has been some interest for many of us. This film is a documentary-style series about some of the peculiarities of human behavior, the brain and consciousness.

No 8. Broke


Only existing for one season, this American television sitcom premiered on April 2, 2020 features a single mother who takes in her estranged sister, her husband nd her assistant after they lose their trust fund.

No 9. Hyperlinked


This film is about the story of a group of five girls who created a website in order to give advice for everyday tween issues involving friends, school and relationship. The film also features original music from the band.

No 10. Run, BIGBANG Scout !


This is bout a band whose members plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary by making an extra special reunion for their VIP fans. They go camping and make cherious memories as well as learn about each other during their special reunion.

How to Download Top10 YouTube Original Shows via Leawo Video Downloader?

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As more and more people are pursuing the quality of the videos, the downloading of some high quality videos such as 4k videos might encounter many problems. Users are looking for solving them. Just check the solutions for solving the 4k video downloader error with Leawo Video Downloader.

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And still in the same topic, you might be interested in converting 4k videos to other video format like 1080p video as well as downloading the 4k videos from YouTube. Just check the article about downloading 4k to 1080p videos.

Step 1: Run Video Downloder

Click the website link on the leading words of this section and download the Leawo Prof. Media. When you run the program, you will see several modules in the main page from which you can find Video Downloader. Click it and go to the interface of Video Downloader.

Step 2: Set Output Directory

Before starting the downloading process, it is better to set a output directory firstly to avoid forgetting where the output files to go. Just click the setting icon and in the popup interface there is a box for you to set the output directory. Just choose the loction where you want to save the output files.

Step 3: Change the website link and search for the desired video

When you enter the main interface of Video Downloader, the default website page is which can be altered at the setting panel or reset the video link at the location bar by inputting a new website link on it. For searching the desired video, just type the name of the video at the search bar to activate a new page of video searching result.

Step 4: Download the Video

From the searching result of the desired video, you can select the video with the wanted resolution and format. Then click the download button to download the video.

Step 5: Check Downloding Process

When the video is being downloaded, you cn check the process in the downloading panel. By right-clicking the downloading video you can see several options including Pause, Start, Start All and Delete, etc. The processing video can be paused, restarted by clicking different optional buttons.

Step 6: Download Finished

When the video is finished downloading, you can check the video in the downloaded panel just next to the downloading panel. In considering of too many videos appear in one page, the program enables the user to sort the videos by name, size, etc. If you want to have more functions about converting, burning the videos, you can right-click the video to check more options.

How to Download Top10 YouTube Original Shows via Chrome Extension

Chrome is not only the outstanding internet explorer well-known to users all over the world, but also one of the best web applications platform. Video downloading is also available via the Chorome Extension. Just follow the below steps to download the wanted YouTube original shows.

  • 1.As a carrier of the web applications, the Chrome should be downloaded first to your personal device before starting the app downloading.
  • 2.After the Chrome is downloaded, you can search for the video downloader Tampermonkey, a easy-processing application for YouTube video downloading from the Chrome Web Store. Then download the Tampermonkey to your pc.
  • 3.Use the Tampermonkey to open the link of and then just type your desired video’s name in the searching bar to look for it. Find the download ico at the left bottom corner and select your desired video resolution. Then download it.

How to Download Top10 YouTube Original Shows via Website?

The highlighted part of online video downloader is that you don’t need to install an application on your computer while you can freely download the video instantly from the website. This solution has been promoted by many of the users.

There are many online video downloader like conv, SaveForm,, Tubeoffline. Today we introduce how to download YouTube original shows via conv.

  • 1.Open the link of conv in the website.
  • 2.Search the video you want to download through YouTube and copy the URL of the video and paste it onto the searching bar of conv. Three options will be popup when you click the “Convert” button. You need to choose among “Convert to MP3” “Convert to MP4” and “Convert to GIF”. If you want to save it as a video, just go to “Convert to MP4”.
  • 3.When you enter a new page, just paste the URL again in the blank area of the location bar and click the “Convert” button. When the process is done, just click “Done” icon. When the process above is done, the video is ready for downloading.

In contrast to the latter two apps we briefly introduce, the Leawo Video Downloder is more user-friendly for its fully-functional services covering downloading, playback and more edition of the videos. Furthermore, the Leawo Video Downloader is accompanied by more modules in the Leawo Prof. Media. That means you own more than one modules of downloding, converting and other functions at the same time. Just try it right now.