I am quite sure that you may have heard of the Rick and Morty. This is one of the most popular adult anime and have won Emmy awards. As of Rick and Morty Season 5 finale in last September, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next marvellous adventures that await the crazy Smith family. Now this fancy cartoon came back with season 6. Want to know more about Rick and Morty Season 6 and where to watch Rick and Morty Season 6 online free? Find the answer in this post.

Part 1: Rick and Morty Season 6: Release Date

Rick and Morty Season 6 was premiere on Adult Swim, Sunday, September 4 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. As usual, the genre-bending Rick and Morty Season 6 landed back on Adult Swim. New episodes will debut on every Sunday regularly, and here is the program schedule for your information.

  • "Bethic Twinstinct", Episode 1 (September 4)
  • "Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation," Episode 2 (September 11)
  • "Full Meta Jackrick" Episode 3 (September 18)
  • "Final Destination," Episode 4 September 25)
  • "Rick: A Mort Well Lived," Episode 5 (TBA)
  • "Night Family," Episode 6 (TBA)
  • "A Rick in King Mortur's Mort," Episode 7 (TBA)
  • "Solaricks," Episode 8 (TBA
  • "Analyze Piss," Episode 9 (TBA)
  • "Juricksic Mort," Episode 10 (TBA)

Part 2: How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6?

However, unlike other popular TV series, Rick and Morty Season 6 will not be available to stream next-day on any platform apart from Adult Swim. As a result, Adult Swim is the only official site for you to stream the Rick and Morty season 6 online. In addition, there are still other ways for you to watch Rick and Morty Season 6.

1. Adult Swim App/ Website

The easiest way to watch Rick and Morty Season 6 is to use the Adult Swim app. This app is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. It’s also possible for you to stream the entire season on-demand on Adult Swim official website if you own cable provider credential.

2. Live TV Streaming Service

Live TV streaming services are actually a cheaper cable packages that you can access on streaming devices (i.e. Roku, Firestick, or Apple TV), smart TVs, laptops, phones, or tablets. While Rick and Morty Season 6 rolls out on Adult Swim, a live TV streaming service is going to be the only way to (legally) live stream Rick and Morty Season 6 online. Sling is recommended here since its plans for Sling Orange and Sling Blue all include subscription to Adult Swim. If you have cable and are able to DVR Rick and Morty Season 6, then you can also stream full episodes of Rick and Morty season 6 after they’re uploaded within a couple hours after its premiere.

3. Purchase for on-demand Playback

If you have extra budget, another convenient option is to purchase an entire season through platforms like iTunes or Amazon Prime Video for $24.99. Then you can keep all of the episodes permanently.

4. Adult Swim YouTube Channel

To promote the new season, the first episode of Season 6, “Solaricks,” is free on Adult Swim’s official YouTube channel.

Part 3: Where to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online Free?

We’ve mentioned some official ways for you to watch Rick and Morty Season 6. What if you can’t access the Adult Swim? Are there any other possible sites for you to watch Rick and Morty Season 6 online free? Don’t worry. This part can help.

1. kisscartoon.nz

Kiss Cartoon is a streaming service dedicated to providing viewers with free cartoons. It's a bit difficult to find a dedicated streaming service that's mostly dedicated to showing cartoons that aren't anime. It’s totally free and you are able to choose to pay to skip the ads or not.

2. fmovies.to/

FMovies is one of the best streaming sites I’ve ever come across on the web. Created in 2016, FMovies has been a destination for cinema freaks. Video load there is at high speed and there is no disturbing ads. And assuming nothing changes, it will be one of my favorite streaming sites for movies and TV shows. If anything needs to be improved, they’d better try their best to improve limited ability to filter homepage suggestions.

3. xmovies8.io

XMovies8 is a free video streaming site that has a numerous content library filled with the latest movies. Users can play all their favorite content on the site. What differentiates xMovies8 from other streaming services is its amazing user interface and seamless streaming quality. But you should pay attention to the a large number of abrupt and annoying pop-outs. This really drives me crazy.

Part 4: Download Rick and Morty Season 6 for Offline Playback

As we mentioned above, there is no downloading option for you to enjoy the Rick and Morty season 6 offline. Sometimes, for some reasons, you might want to download Rick and Morty season 6 so that you can watch it freely. This time, a useful tool named CleverGet Video Downloader comes to help.

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Let’s see how to download online Rick and Morty Season 6 with CleverGet Video Downloader now.

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Step 4. Download Rick and Morty Season 6

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