Need to help!! download Ubuntu 20.04 on Oracle virtualbox 6.1.8 and Youtube TV keep buffering browser independent tried both Mozilla and chrome. What is the problem? How can I get rid of the buffering? Anyone knows how to solve the Youtube TV buffering issues?

Honestly, I’m a big time YouTube user, and even though I have zippy fiber optic internet, it seems like there are still times when Youtube TV keep buffering instead of playing when I intend to enjoy HD video streaming. I am sure most people are troubled with the Youtube TV buffering issues. So I decided to write an article in YouTube TV, a new addition to the list of live TV streaming service! I am going to explain the reasons that cause Buffering on Youtube TV and the normal ways to fix Youtube TV buffering issues. What is more, I will share an ultimate solution to YouTube Buffering Issue - Leawo Prof. Media.


Part 1: What Causes Buffering on Youtube TV?

As we all know, YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service which is powered by Google. And the service is made available throughout the nation from 27 March 2019. They are giving a tough competition to other live TV streaming services like Hulu with live TV, Sling TV, Direct TV Now. Basically, when more and more people go to use YouTube TV at once, the servers work very hard to keep up with everybody. Undoubtedly, Youtube TV keep buffering. Sometimes they have their good days, and on others, they have their bad days. Now we will be talking about some common reasons for the annoying Youtube TV buffering issues.

Internet Signal

Normally, the poor network would be the main reason that Youtube TV keep buffering. If you have a bad internet signal on your laptop or iOS device, then it may have trouble communicating with YouTube and this may lead to poorer video quality or buffering issues. In other words, the faster your Internet is, the less buffering is needed. YouTube recommends a speed of at least 500 Kbps for the best experience.

Video Quality

If you are finding Youtube TV buffering roku device frequently as you try and watch them, the most likely cause is that they are trying to play in a resolution too high for the speed of your connection.

Shared Connections

In fact, if there are multiple computers on the same network all share an Internet signal when in use. This will reduce the amount of bandwidth available for YouTube.

Free Space

Obviously, YouTube videos have to be preloaded before they can play, therefore, you are supposed to have plenty of free space on the hard drive. If it lacks ample space or is heavily fragmented, performance will be affected, and Youtube TV keep buffering.

Full Cache

The cache stores previously downloaded files on the hard drive so that they can be accessed more quickly in the future. Sometimes, we can notice that a YouTube video will not download completely, and that incomplete video will be stuck in the cache. Then we are trouble with the annoying Youtube TV buffering issues.

Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Buffering Issue?

Youtube TV buffering issues are used to process videos with a large amount of data. Parts of the video are stored in the drive in advance so that playback will run smoothly. Therefore, sometimes, you have to wait for a long time for YouTube videos to start. If the Youtube TV keep buffering, it's been slowed down by something on your computer. Below, we’ll discuss some ways you might be able to fix this buffering issue while watching videos on YouTube through troubleshooting.

Method 1. Increase the Internet Speed

Increase in Internet speed is the best way to avoid Youtube TV buffering issues since the reason why a video buffers is because of the large amount of data it transfers to your computer. One way to increase your internet speed is to decrease the bandwidth reserved for Windows. In addition, another way to reduce choppy playback is to pause the video until it has entirely downloaded. Once the loading bar has reached the end of the player, unpause it.

Method 2. Change Video Quality

As far as I am concern, it is really ridiculous that you should have to downgrade your video quality when you have high-speed internet, but if YouTube is having problems on their end, it is not a bad idea to reduce the video quality to 480p or another non-HD quality will improve streaming speed and help mitigate the problem of Youtube TV buffering roku box issues.

Method 3. Close Your Web Browser Tabs

If you have a lot of tabs open in your web browser simultaneously, then your computer might not be able to handle all the processing power required to play the video and handle those tabs at the same time. If this is the case, the best choice is to close some browser tabs. Also, if you have more than one YouTube video running at a time, then you might be using all of your own internet bandwidth and the multiple videos are competing with one another to play.

Method 4. Restart Your Computer/Web Browser/Router

Some internet problems occur at the source where it enters your home, your computer and for most people that’s at the router, whether it’s wired or wireless. If you believe this to be the case, restart your computer so your video card drivers can be reinitialized. Also, it could be that your web browser is going through a hiccup, so go ahead and close and relaunch the web browser and then try reloading the video on YouTube again. You can also give the router a good 30-second reboot so it can reinitialize.

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Part 3: Ultimate Solution to YouTube Buffering Issue - Leawo Prof. Media

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In this post, we mainly talk about the annoying Youtube TV buffering issues. YouTube TV is a simple live streaming service with a very clear user interface and good features. With pretty much decent channel list like Hulu and convenient pricing, the service of YouTube TV is pretty good. However, Youtube TV keep buffering sometimes, not all of its features and capabilities are always impress us. Why not try Leawo Prof. Media? It offers a free trial period, so if you want to have a trial before you finally subscribe, you hould not miss Leawo Prof. Media.