There are more and more video contents available online in nearly every for nearly every industry. With the fast development of online technologies, there have been more and more online URL to MP4 converter tools that could help us download and convert URL to MP4 video. You could even get free URL online converters to handle online URL to MP4 video conversion. In this guide, we would like to show you 5 free URL to MP4 online converters to help you download and convert URL to MP4 videos online for totally free.

Part 1. Top 5 Free URL to MP4 Online Converters

In the below content, we would like to introduce you 5 best free URL to MP4 online converters. All these free online URL to MP4 converters have been carefully selected and compared among choices.

This free online tool allows adding URL and local files for conversion to MP4 and an array of other formats. The program can be accessed directly from your browser and features a simple interface. And the conversion process is fast and results in decent quality output files. Also, data can be added from Dropbox or Google Drive if needed.
Key Features:

  • Supports adding files from URL, PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Allows choosing output file parameters like screen size, bit, rate, frame rate, and others.
  • It supports a wide array of formats for conversion.
  • Allows saving the edited settings of the output file for future conversion.

Another name in the list of a top video link to MP4 converters is Convertio. The program is free to use and needs no registration. You can add files from URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or PC for conversion. Once added, the conversion process is fast, and the output file quality is also good. The interface is simple and easy to use, even for the new users.
Key Features:

  • Supports adding files for conversion from multiple sources.
  • A wide array of formats supports for conversion.
  • Converted files can be downloaded from the program interface or added directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Clip Converter

If an online converter is what you want, then ClipConverter is what you’re looking for. This is a free online video converting service that supports various video hosting websites. From Facebook videos to YouTube and even the likes of Vimeo, ClipConverter has you covered.
The main features to take note of with ClipConverter are:

  • Users can upload videos to convert them to various formats
  • Doesn't require any installations or account registration
  • Simple to use and doesn't include any advanced features
  • Download videos after converting them to MP4 or AVI, or some audio formats too
  • Download videos in HD formats, including 4K resolution

Considering the fact that this is a free URL to MP4 convert solution, you can’t go wrong. That said, you might find it useful to try out some of the different websites before making a decision.


Another free website that you can use for converting online videos to MP4 is Zamzar. Supporting hundreds of file formats, more than most other websites, Zamzar comes with a simplistic yet incredibly innovative set of features.
Key features of Zamzar:

  • Convert a max of 50MB of files per conversion
  • Not limited to just the MP4 format
  • Upload videos from your PC to convert
  • After the videos are converted, a download link is sent to your email address
  • Steps are given to make the process easy to follow

This is a pretty straightforward program. You can either convert an online video or a video from your computer, but the one downside is that there is a 50MB limit. For users who want to convert a lot of videos this is a huge limitation. is a free and fast online YouTube to MP4 converter that can convert YouTube video links or downloaded YouTube video files to MP4 videos with high quality. You do not need to install any program, and you can start the conversion process only with several mouse clicks: paste the YouTube URL link, choose the MP4 format and click the “START” button. It offers advanced options for you to choose the video quality and trim the video. Other portals like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. and other output formats like AVI, WMV, MP3, etc. are also supported.
Key features of

  • Allows converting URL as well as local files to an array of audio and video formats.
  • It supports high-quality conversion at fast speed.
  • It supports all modern browsers.
  • A wide range of formats for the conversion is supported, including MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, and others.
  • The program also available for mobile access on Windows, Apple, and Android platform.

The above ones are the top 5 free URL to MP4 video converters online for you to download and convert URL to MP4 videos online for totally free. Besides these top free URL to MP4 online video converters, you could still find other tools such as CoolUtilis, ConvertFiles, Aconvert, Convert to MP3, etc. You could try these all to get and download MP4 video files from URL addresses.

Part 2. Limitations of Online URL to MP4 Converters

Though we can find a lot of free online URL to MP4 video converters to help us convert URL to MP4 video files online for totally free, quite a big number of people haven’t taken free online URL to MP4 converters as their first choice. Why does this happen? There are quite a few limitations of online URL to MP4 converters that have blocked their wide use.

  • Limited download speed: Since URL to MP4 converter online works straight from the browser, it is completely dependent on the availability and the speed of the internet connection. Moreover, the URL download and conversion speed of these converters is slow as compared with the professional software as these are dependent on the speed of your net connection.
  • No batch or playlist download supported: Online converters come with a basic download and conversion features. The majority of these converters supports a limited file size for download and conversion. Thus, if you want to batch process your URLs or download an entire playlist, the online converter is not the right choice.
  • Limited format compatibility: The number of formats supported by online programs is limited as compared with the professional desktop software. There is limited format support for download and conversion with these online tools.
  • No option to choose video quality: The conversion quality using online converters is very basic. A majority of the tools do not give you the freedom to select the desired output quality.
  • Limited file size for downloading: Some free online URL to MP4 converters have limitation on the file size from the URL you have entered. For example, Zamzar limits the file size to be no more than 500MB.
  • Limited support for websites: Most online URL to MP4 converters have very limited support for websites.

Due to these limitations, online URL to MP4 converter tools have never been the first choice. Therefore, we need to use a more powerful and practical tool to download and convert URL videos to MP4 or any other video format you need.

Part 3: Conclusion

Converting URL to MP4 video files has never been so easy with the help of free online URL to MP4 converter sites and professional multimedia solution tools like Leawo Prof. Media. The online free URL to MP4 converters are quite convenient and easy to use. But most of them come with some limitations, while Leawo Prof. Media might cost your cash but it does the job well. Therefore, you could choose the one you need.