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Where can You Watch Total Drama World Tour?

Many of our earliest TV memories are associated with animation. From SpongeBob to Peppa Pig, animated TV series has never been absent on television. Either serious or goofy, they'll grow into nostalgia when you look back to your childhood. Total Drama World Tour, a popular Canadian TV animated series, has been regarded as one of the best-animated series by fans ever since.

Part 1: What is Total Drama World Tour?

Released in 2010, Total Drama World Tour is the third season of Total Drama(2007), which is a franchise started with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Similar to Survivor, Total Drama is a fictional reality show in the form of animation, where various contestants have to compete with each other to be immune from elimination while relationships are developed at the same time. The contestants would be eliminated from the game gradually by the votes of fellow contestants until the last one standing to win the grand prize. As a homage or satire to the modern television reality show, Total Drama was highly lauded and developed a cult following, which can be seen from the subsequent seasons – Total Drama World Tour.

Largely based on The Amazing Race, and featuring 15 returning cast members, plus 3 new contestants with 26 episodes, Total Drama World Tour seems to be a greater Total Drama franchise. This season, players are divided into teams to fight for the chance to live on Total Drama Jumbo Jet and win $1,000,000. They are required to perform musicals spontaneously in each episode or else be eliminated via the Drop of Shame until the last standing contestant. The big craze for Total Drama World Tour over the years has inspired the return of the TV series HBO Max and Cartoon Network recently, which was announced on February 17, 2021.

Part 2: Where can You Watch Total Drama World Tour?

For fans who have been following Total Drama, there are plenty of resources online. If you want to watch the Total Drama World Tour, here's a list of the websites where you can find the full episodes.

YouTube Channel

Running by a fan of the Total Drama who wants to preserve the best animation on earth, the YouTube channel has the most complete episodes of Total Drama. Here you will find all the episodes of Total Drama in Full HD, including the whole five seasons, The Ridonculous Race, and Total DramaRama. The channel is the best place to watch Total Drama World Tour online for free.

Amazon Prime

If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can watch Total Drama World Tour based on your membership. Amazon Prime costs $5.99 per month but you can use the free trial which lasts for a month to watch Total Drama World Tour for free. Just remember to cancel the free trial before it expires.


There are many animated TV series on iTunes, so you can find the full episodes of Total Drama available as well. However, just like the other media on iTunes, Total Drama World Tour will cost you $14.99 for the whole season.


You can find Total Drama World Tour on Netflix and the full series. Netflix costs $8.99 per month for a basic plan. The plan supports 1 device only and HD resolution is not available. You can use the one-month free trial to watch the Total Drama World Tour for free.

Part 3: How to Download Total Drama World Tour via CleverGet Video Downloader?

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Step 3. Download YouTube Videos

CleverGet Video Downloader will automatically detect the video sources when you enter the YouTube link. There are several resolutions and formats available, just pick one that suits you. Click the "Download" button to start downloading videos.

Part 4: Other Video of World Tour Series

If you have finished the episodes of Total Drama World Tour but still crave more, there are many videos other than the World Tour series available with plentiful resources online. Here's a brief introduction to the Total Drama series that you might be interested to know.

Total Drama Island


Premiered in 2007, Total Drama Island is the earliest series of Total Drama. Featuring 22 players with 26 episodes, each 22 minutes in duration, Total Drama Island set off as a parody animation of the reality show Survivor, the elimination-based competition, but based in Muskoka, Ontario. Hosted by Chris McLean, 22 16-year-old campers are placed in various life-threatening challenges. They are divided into two groups as "Screaming Gophers" and the "Killer Bass" to compete with each other, the losing team is called to the campfire to vote for who should be the one to eliminate from the competition.

Total Drama Action


Total Drama Action is the second season of the animated TV series. Hosted by Chris McLean, 14 contestants are told to compete with each other at an abandoned movie studio lot in Toronto, Ontario. The challenges in this season would be in the form of various movie genres. Total Drama Action begins with the quick elimination of two players then followed by the sessions of "reward challenges" and "elimination challenges" where the losing teammates vote off one to proceed. Though received generally good reviews, Total Drama Action is criticized for not living up to the first season.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


As the fourth season of the Total Drama franchise, this season takes 13 16-year-old new contestants back to Camp Wawanakwa, a summer camp on a fictional island located in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario, where the first season kicks off, only this time the island is radioactive. Used as a toxic nuclear waste dump, the campsite is where contestants spend approximately 13 days competing with each other for immunity. Unlike the previous seasons, revenge of the island is only half the length with just 13 episodes. Received positive reviews and with over 3.3 million people who have viewed the season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, along with the first season, is the highest-rated show of the series.

Total Drama All-Stars


Total Drama All-stars is the first part of the 26-episode of the fifth season of the series, Total Drama. The entire season was released in 2014 in Canada and the US. Featuring a return of fourteen of the strongest contestants from both the first and second-generation cast, Total Drama All-stars is set in Camp Wawanakwa, again. Contestants are divided into 2 groups as "Heroes vs. Villains" which is based on their past performance; "heroes" from each season will have to confront the "villains" of each season. It's the first season that mingles with two different generations' competitors together.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


Though announced as season 6, Pahkitew Island is still the second part of the fifth season of Total Drama, which takes place on a brand new island because Chef Hatchet uses a land drill to sink Camp Wawanakwa. It's an all-new season with all-new settings. As usual, contestants are split into two groups to rough in the wild of Pahkitew Island. Winners may receive invincibility and a meal from a sponsoring restaurant while losers get sent home via the cannon of shame. Bearing the goal to win, all the competitors struggle to get through the horrifying challenges. While the first part All-stars received mixed to negative reviews, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island was considerably more positive.

Which season of Total Drama is your favorite? Or you haven't ever seen any of these best animations? Check out the episodes on YouTube and download them with CleverGet Video Downloader now, you'll like it.



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